Carriers and Fighters

Just a quick question,

I’ve been trying to mess around with fighters and carriers, as the topic title says, but my fighters never ever seem to want to actually go back and get repaired. I’ve set their Cautious order (even up to 99% so that they SHOULD run as soon as they’re damaged), and have a carrier module at full. But, over the course of the battle, there were only 1 or 2 fighters that ever went back to get repairs. Why won’t they use it?!


i’ve experienced this too.
but i’m unsure about the reason.
even with target priority set to 1% and cautios set to 99%, only a few fighters make it back to the carrier.

maybe they get shot down while trying to escape from the dogfight, it’s hard to tell in that chaos…

so i can’t even tell if they don’t want to escape or if they just don’t make it back alive.
as for now, it seems that carriers have very low impact on the survivability of your fighters.


It’s not even that they don’t make it back. It’s that they just don’t go back at all. I watched a fighter keep circling around the enemies, with everything fairly heavily damaged. It didn’t even have a weapon. But, it still didn’t want to head back, even with the cautious set to 99%.

That’s because the cautious order works the reverse of how you’re using it! A cautious setting of 99% says “fight until you are 99% damaged and then repair”. Naturally, in practice most 99% damaged fighters are actually 100% dead.

That’s pretty weird, whenever I send out hordes of fighters a few normally make it back alive. Not many, but a few. It doesn’t help that my carrier cruisers are my slowest type, so it takes them longer to get to the fight. Still, fighters are really fragile, and I’ve seen a few of mine trying to retreat and just getting picked off before they got clear away.

Ooooohhhhh. See, this would have been nice information to know! I looked through the manual and it says nothing so… It makes sense now! Thank you!

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i was aware of that fact, just mixed it up. i’m pretty sure i did it right.
still have the feeling way too much fighters die…


It may be because they only count hull damage, not armor damage, making armor doubly worthless instead of the potentially useful item it could be with carrier repairs.