Cars not being sold

Just bought the game, I understand the basic premise of the game and can do that pretty well. Checking cars that are in the showroom it starts out most customers are looking for a different body style, though I am not even close to researching other body styles. But cars still sell fine so not a big deal. Companies will start researching other technologies that require specializations to install, but I am no where close to having specializations to install them. Then, seemingly out of the blue, 20-30% of customer are passing on cars because they have insufficient features. Checking the features list, all features are still rare for the car I am trying to build (budget). And because of that, car sales grind to a halt.

My initial solution to this was to lower car prices, but component prices (seats and engines) go through the roof (50% of production costs) and I can’t turn a profit for anything in the budget class.
I usually run 3 research studios.
Am I not researching fast enough? Seems to me if features are rare, customers shouldn’t be passing on the car because of insufficient features. Any thoughts as to what I am doing wrong or not setting up?