Cars Not Selling

Hello Everyone

I am having an issue with my cars not selling. I did search the forum and found many posts about the cars being priced too high, but I can lower the price of my cars to -100 percent (selling them for under $1000) and still have the issue. Right now the issue is only happening with the sports car bodystyle, but I have had it happen to the sedan body style in a past game.

The marketing screen says that I an underserving the market and my sports cars are priced too low.

Any ideas? Could someone smarter than me take a look at my save game?

Interesting. I can have a look maybe monday or tuesday if you email me the save to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk. Do you maybe have a HUGE number of cars in stock? Are a lot of them missing tech that is now considered to be universal for their price point?
Hopefully it will be obvious when I look at it in debug.
FWIW I am aware that this part of the game is confusing and am working on improving feedback on why cars do not sell.


I don’t know if it helps or not, but I’m also getting this.

To be fair, it is quite a bit in the game, as I’ve researched a lot, but I noticed there is an achievement for selling 1000 cars without any extras.

However, Since I added this to my build schedule, the budget sedans without extras are just sat in my showroom, even when they cost a negative number. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be paid to take a car?

See screenshot:

It’s worth noting that the other cars I have in production currently, are being sold almost straight away (With everything enabled that I have researched so far)…

Perhaps I have chosen to put the basic cars in production too late in the game?

Is there a way to take cars off sale and clear out the show room?

Keep up the progress, loving the game so far!



EDIT: Here’s the market screen, showing the customers per hour :

Hi mattz.
The first picture is interesting.
I think, the 7th day you cannot sell a car with no option. Try to watch the option wich you need. I think you will watch that some option are universal. If your car miss one, you probably sell car but if you miss three, four or five option, you will never sell any car… Who want to buy car witch are under the low quality?

Yes, So I think it’s probably my own fault for spotting the achievement and then trying to start it too late, whilst having an efficient layout, which produced way too many cars as a test, now I have no way of clearing them out of my show room, without starting over.

Why are vehicles in the inventory having the features removed? not all but some?

It is more than likely that you have updated a model during the production cycle and some of the older models are now in the showroom.
This can also occur (rarely) if you have a Tier 1 production line running with a model that cannot have all the features installed as it would have in a tier 2 (researched slots) production line.

Fear not, the vehicles will sell, and I would suggest running a marketing campaign if you can afford it to increase the number of customers to the showroom.