Catalan & Basque Link To Terrorism

Why do Catalan & Basque affect terrorism? When the referendum was annulled, the protestors were stopped aggressively by the police. But I’m not familiar with the History of this that much, so I can’t say for sure how much the legacy of these places should affect terrorism.

Because in recent times basque separatist formed a terrorist group called ETA (Basque Coutry and Freedom) that killed around 1000 people, mainly between politicians, police oficers, judges… that is now disolved. Catalans on their side formed Terra Lliure, and more recently CDR (Committees for the Defense of the Republic) and Tsunami Democratic, athough few people belive that those are terrorist, marxists formed two terrorist groups, FRAP(Patriotic and Atifascist Revolutionary Front) comanded by the PCE and disolved when it was legalized) and GRAPO (Antifascist Resistence Groups October the first, that was disolved by capturing all their leaders), and don’t forget galicians, that in the recent times formed Exercito Guerrilleiro do Pobo Galego and in more recent times Resistencia Galega( although there is contradiction between police, that claim that it is an organized group, and judges, that claim that it doesn’t exist).

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So it seems like most of these terrorist groups have dissolved and their threat has dematerialized greatly. So, how great should the links be to terrorism in game?

Technically only three are active, but for the two catalans, CDR and Tsunami Democratic, it doesn’t exist strong evidence that they are terrorist, and the galician one Resistencia Galega some even claim that it doesn’t exist, and judges agree with that.
But on the other side, the main thread, ETA, hasn’t give up all their arms.
So, maybe the link should be weak, but I wouldn’t say that makes Spain feel much diferent than in reality.

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Yeah, I would agree that link should be weak.