Catalyst Not Available

I’m in the Quick Start “Alleviating Alzeimer’s” scenario. Other than “Alzheimer’s” being misspelled on the scenario title, the main issue is that a certain catalyst I developed isn’t on my ingredients list. I’m trying to create the Cures Alzheimer’s trait, and I developed an ingredient that had the yellow hexagon catalyst. But after the ingredient was developed, it’s nowhere to be found! I’m not certain what the ingredient was, but the hexagon catalyst isn’t anywhere on my list of ingredients. I can’t win the scenario because of this… Please fix!

Catalysts can be removed when w/in a certain range and put through a particular machine.
For example a concentration from 1 to 5 put through UV Curer will remove one of the 3 possible catalysts at that level.

Right, but I haven’t put the ingredient through any machines. I’m saying in the actual list of ingredients, on the ingredients page, none of them have the hexagon catalyst… Even though I had my explorers develop an ingredient that had it. Now NONE of the ingredients have the hexagon catalyst, so I can’t complete the game. I’ve attached an example of what I am looking at. You can see how the ingredients show their catalysts… The hexagon is nowhere to be found.

It’s definitely a bug that needs to be fixed.

UPDATE: I developed every single ingredient, and found the catalyst I needed hiding in the same ingredient as another catalyst. Since the hexagon was more advanced, that is all it showed. prior to developing.

I still think something weird happened for it to disappear, but I was able to finish the game.

The preview only ever shows a single catalyst so yes sometimes there are extra catalysts hiding, this is a deliberate quirk. Perhaps there’s something weird like it randomises which one it shows each time the game is loaded, that could explain why you saw it one time and then not another. I’ll look into it.

Glad you managed to find your missing catalyst, the main thing is that it was somewhere and the mission is always completable!