catalyst problem

I was trying to make cure for “treatment for bipolar disorder”, it needs a catalyst which I got it from a painkiller retonite mist with 3 side effects, in which the 2nd slot (urinary retention) is the catalyst we need with a symbol of triangle.

to make treatment for bipolar disorder you need to upgrade prevents gout (from reacted metalaceus tincture) to adhd treatment and add the catalyst with the help of multimixer.

now the problem,

for some reason I cannot add the catalyst to the adhd concoction that I made, I have made sure the concentration is as what needed.(12-14, it has a tick next to it) and then I put the catalyst ingredient on one of the door and connect them together in a multimixer but what I get from the result is adhd without catalyst ticked OR if I flick the togglehead switch, it shows the other drug effect which is painkiller, certainly not what I need.

I have looked into in game tutorial nor the youtube and as I said above, I tried to switch the base ingredient but none works, please help. The catalyst is removed from the mixing.

thank you

Yes, this is one of the tricky bits of the game. You need an empty slot on one of your ingredients so that you either:

a) transfer the catalyst into an empty slot of your ADHD drug.
b) transfer your ADHD cure into an empty slot on your catalyst drug.

Sometimes there is not an empty slot where you need it so you need to use the Shaker to shift one of the effects along. If both drugs are completely full up then you might need to remove one of the side-effects. If you hover over it you will see instructions on how to remove.

Does that make sense?