Cautious ... How does it work?

I thought this had been addressed recently, but as I am unable to find it in a search through the forum, I will throw the question out point-blank (I’m not sure it got answered straight-up before anyway).

I’m fuzzy on one aspect of the Cautious order: What does the percentage refer to? As in, let’s say I set a ship’s Cautious order to 75%. Does the ship retreat when 75% of its hit points are left, or when it has taken 75% of its hit points in damage? (Or is it some third alternative I haven’t thought of?)

I’ve wondered the same thing.

I find it works great for fighters - forces them to use carriers. For them, 25% or 75% damaged is virtually the same number. :slight_smile:


That thread should answer your question.

The percentage is the amount of damage the ship takes before retreating. Say you set it to 1%. Then your ship is going to retreat when its hitpoints drop by 1%.

Sure would be handy if the Cautious order could apply to shield strength instead of hit points.