CD Key not working.

Recently I bought Gratuitous Space Battles, complete pack off steam. It was working fine for about 2 or 3 days until just a few minutes ago. Now the CD key refuses to work, and I can’t play campaign battles. Whilst I have 3 computers (small laptop, big laptop, desktop), the game is only running on two of them, the CD key has not been shared and I legitimately paid for the game.

My apologies. Considering how quickly the issue was resolved, I assume it was just a temporary server problem. I just freaked out a little too soon - playing a new game on a different computer and seeing that. Again, my mistake and an issue auto-resolved.

As a side note, I’m always happy to see new game developers, rather than the big companies selling a poorly ported console game lazily repeating a tired concept. I think your games bring what made computer games so great 10 years ago, and between this and democracy 3 you certainly use humour to great effect. Thanks for all your hard work.