CD key problems

I just bought the game from steam and tried to activate the online section, but the CD key is not being accepted. I read through the boards and went back and made sure the key was inputted correctly and also set my firewall to allow all requests and it still wasn’t being accepted and in fact the firewall is reporting that it has absolutely no contact with the application (at least I set it up to log any action and nothing is showing up). So next I tried turning my firewall off, but it still won’t accept the CD key. Did I just get a bad CD key or are the servers down right now or is it something else entirely?

The servers aren’t down, and its very evry unlikely the key is bad, but you can email with it and I’ll check it’s valid. Its more likely to be some internet setting on your PC, maybe a proxy setup in internet explorer?
Have you tried it again today? Do you have a different PC you can try it on?

OK, I figured out what was causing the problem. I’m using COMODO for a firewall and security suite and it comes with a sandbox mode which I had enabled. Once I disabled that the CD key was accepted just fine.