Celebi's Complex Mod (Government Control of Industry etc...)

Hi, I am releasing version 1.0 of my complex mod. There is 11 new polices, 10 new situations, 1 new simulation statistics, 7 new dilemmas, 2 new events, 2 new countries and lots changes in effects of exiting policies (e.g. gambling, prostitution and narcotics now affect tourism, immigration is affected by unemployment, crime and violent crime, state schools affect parents, abortion law affects crime, effect of free market such as private pensions, healthcare etc. is now toned down and it is also affected much more by GDP and much more.)

[New Policies]
Government Control of Industry
Veterans Benefits
Economic Regulation
Military Alliance
Government TV Program
Environmental Tax Credits
Embassy Spending
Sport Subsidies
Smoking Law
Sex Education

[New Situations]
Economic Sanctions
Economic Bubble
Goods Shortage
Teen Pregnancy

[New Statistics]
Energy Price

[New Dilemmas]
Bank Holiday
Common Currency
Appoint CEO of Government Company
Allow Foreign Military Base
Regulate Energy Cost
Introduce Savings Light Bulbs
Send Troops to War

[New Events]
Economic Bubble Burst
Pollution fine

[New Countries]
Czech Republic
Communist Czechoslovakia (1984)

Most of the graphical stuff isn’t made by me, but it is borrowed from other mods or original game.

[Possible Bugs]
Mod still needs lot a of testing. There is probably lot of grammar mistakes (english isn’t my native language). Also some of the descriptions are too short.
Celebi1.1.zip (882 KB)
Celebi.ZIP (868 KB)

Nice Work
Very interesting!

I just did a playthrough of czech republic and it was certainly challenging. The first thing i note is that there is a crazy crime problem. But the economy is ok, so as i pile on the cops and guns and crank up the sin taxes those situations tend to work themselves out and corruption goes away (niice logo lol).

I notice how people reaaly hate the flat tax, and try to remove it but there is no easy way to replace the flat tax with income tax. whoops credit downgraded.

the economic bubble situaion is interesting but not quite balaced i think. In my game it burst and then returned, so it was both on and off at the same time. the bubble burst effect seems to strong. I don’t think that my GDP ever cleared the bottom of the graph the whole game.

Also the economic regulation triggered tax evation for me - so i wonder if that effect has the wrong sign. reducing govt regulation of industry should reduce tax evasion (? i think because there is less to evade)

I would like to hear what others say about “balancing” a mod, what i have done is play it though “in neutral” - not changing any policies and see what happens. the initial variables sometimes are quite out of whack with where they settle a few turns later.

Very very good mod!!!
It’s great!

Update version 1.1

I fixed the dilemma that made game crash. Teen pregnancy and Sex education was removed. New overrides were added. Economic bubble is more balanced and it doesn’t appear as easily. Some of the policies got their own sliders. Czech republic and Communist Czechoslovakia are more realistic now.

[New Policies]
National Parks

[New Dilemmas]
Needles For Junkies
Help The State
School Uniforms

Hmm… Your mod coupled with others like DESpack makes game harder and better :D!
I couldn’t reach utopia, while playing on 200% difficulty :D.

I overtaxed my economy to cover cost all these policies, so it crashed, and I went way of Greece XD

Hi there, this mod looks excellent do you mind me packaging it up for download on the central mod page at:
It would also be great to see it listed on the steam workshop page, if you do have a steam account.

Could it be that I’ve detected a bug?


After effects I recognize the following…: “Enviroment,0.03+(0.12*x),10”

And in-game I see no impact of this Tax to Environment.
It should be Environment, I assume.

A very good mod, however Czechoslovakia seems too liberal (political compass). I would be willing to help mod this, would new policies affect this or would existing policies need removing/ modding.