centurion spaceship model

I’m planning on holding a competition to give this away. What do you think?


That is definitely about 16 different flavors of awesome.

Beyond awesome!!!

/me drooooooooooooooool…

cliff was it a one off…?

whats it in, resin, balsa?

can be plastic cos moulds cost tens of thousands.

more details please! as a mini collector and painter I’d LOVE to see GSB as a BFG style game :))))

He mentioned something about a 3d printer in the blog entry he did on it…

It’s a one off made of plastic. I’ll probably post in more detail on it soon.

That would make great merchandise if you at a stand and some more different ships! (The alliance would look good too!)

well,visually i prefer the Order Paradise cruiser,or some of the Rebel ships, but since Centurion is basically the iconic ship for GSB and i do like Empire for their equipment capabilities,id take this any day :P cmon Cliff,tell us more :slight_smile:

actually,tell ME more,screw the others,i want the model more… i NEED it to survive!!!

Hey! Just Cause 2! One of the nicest games around. Together with GSB of course.
That model would look great on my desk…

BTW you can win this model here: