Challange button autofills in maker of challange

When you download a challange,fight against it and go back to the deploy screen and go to issue a reply, i find that i often have forgotten the name of the person who made the challanges. Saving and going back to the challange menu means having to use another save slot (Getting aweful messy there) and searching for that challange again. Ive built up quite a library, so this can take a while.

Why not have the name part filled with the creator, if thats possible. Make things a whole lot more streamlined on our end.

Excellent suggestion!

Number of times I’ve had to quit a challenge, then sort and carefully study the challenge list to figure out what challenge I just played, and whose it was…

That said… I think we’re getting this suggestion, but way better and way more, in the challenge system overhaul for 1.28… Which is scant days away :smiley:

I’ve encountered this myself, I must make it a bit better. I plan on revamping the challenge issuing window at some point with stuff like this. But yes, 1.28 lets you send a messgae to the challenger. I should probably add an option to just issue your fleet back as a returning challenge actually…