Challenge Campaign (Tournament mode?)

As an extension of the “multiple deployments in a challenge” idea, I was thinking what if we extended that to also include ships? The end result is that we could create multiple “challenges” linked together into something like a campaign or tournament. All the fleets (combination of ships and deployments) would use the same map and the same pilot/credit limits, but could be entirely different and even be created by different people.

The campaign/tournament can be uploaded or downloaded just like a challenge except that when you play, a random ships/deployment combination is picked from its list and that’s the fleet you play against.

So, for example, let’s say I wanted to make an Alliance campaign/tournament thingie. I would start by creating a few challenges (say, numbered 1-6) that all use the same map and then “group them together”. When you download and play the campaign/tournament, it will pick a random challenge from the 1-6 I submitted in the group. That way, you never know quite what to expect.

Perhaps instead of “retaliating”, you can choose to add your fleet to the campaign of challenges. Maybe the uploader could even have some management options to approve new challenges getting added or take some out, using his own play experience or player submitted ratings as a guide.