[Challenge Download, Message]

I was thinking if I could suggest something, so here it goes. :o

Challenge: Download.

There’s a way to delete the ones you’ve downloaded and won’t play anymore?
If there is; sorry, but if not, would be cool to be implemented. It would be easier to find the ones that you are fighting, instead of searching numbers.


To send a message to someone, I need to play a random game, losing or wining, I can send the message.
And when someone send me one, I can’t just reply it. I need to find the game, wait till the end and so I can, finally, reply.

Would be good to have like a reply option.

Friends ADD, shout box, something like that:

Would be good if we could add friend in game, that we could send fast messages, using the same system, nothing like a “MSN”, just a short message, like the ones we can send after playing a game.

It would be pretty good to implement a system of friends, we could list good people to play with, cutting off the lack of comunication. Making the game looks more alive.
I know that there’s the Steam thing, for the people who use Steam, but I don’t know… I’m just suggesting something.

I don’t know if I’m the first talking about it. I was just wondering here and I thought that I could suggest it. So, that’s it. :slight_smile:

And thanks for this great game!