Challenge Error

For some odd reason now when I try to play any of the challenges I get an error that says that the challenge has things in it that I don’t have. Yet when I try to play ones that I have played before and that I know were made from non modded material I get the same message.

This could be a corrupt or edited file at your end. Take a look here:

\gratuitous space battles\data\packages

There should be one file in there called gsb_base or two if you have tribes.
gsb_base should have this in it:

[config] name = gsb_base uiname = "Core GSB Game"

(you can open it using notepad).

Somehow, some people have a gsb_base that is corrupt. Changing it to that should fix it. The tribes expansion should have an entry with a similar format.

Thanks Cliffski, I’ll give that a shot.