Challenge mode ideas.

Honor gain:
People gain honor for one victory per each challenge x time per server day (server dictates when the day starts). E.g you beat mac’s challenge and get 4000 honor before 4am est(server time in which the day starts). You cannot get honor again with that challenge till after 4am est.
People gain a tiny amount of honor for losing, basically something under 50.

Honor Usage:
Idea 1: Science trees that have specific research topics that can be improved non stop, but each time improving the same one costs a lot more honor.
E.g. One research topic in the science tree is imperial shielding regeneration. Improving this improves shield regeneration for imperial ships by 5%. Another research topic could be related to one type of module or weapon class or most can be general improvements.
Idea 2: Bonuses that cost honor which can be applied to any unlocked hull/module and only apply to that hull/module type. The bonuses could be simple things like +x% to that specific shield shield regen all the way to more specialized ones like adding the ability to improve a weapons range or making the weapon decrease enemies movement or with enough honor even adding a slot to a hull.
Idea 3: Nothing as special as the above. Just adding many more modules/hulls that can be bought through honor and used in challenge mode without any mods. Some of the hulls could be a bit more specialized and the modules could be a bit different (range extension).

Issues with this overall design
first issue Obviously someone who has used 100000 honor (difference between usage and accumulation) on improvements will have a much easier time defeating challenges than someone who hasnt spent any honor. To try and limit this players could have the options of which honor bracket (honor brackets are based on amount of honor used) can try their challenge or penalties in honor accumulation could be put on players who are in a much higher honor bracket.
second issue Much harder to balance all possible customizations.

There is a small flaw in that suggestion: people could ‘farm’ honor by posting/getting a friend to post easy challenges for easy honor.

true I missed that, two ways to try and “minimize” it:
Limiting amount of times you can get honor per day against the same person and not just against the same challenges.
Amount of honor gain is lower for challenges that have a low a to v ratio (other players will also try that challenge and make v:a close to 1:1 if its that easy).

On the subject of challenge ideas…

Add the ability to run two challenges against each other and keep a log of the results in a new column. That way a user can see what is winning against their fleet and it also adds a kind of overall ranking to the fleets. The current A/V is functional, but doesn’t promote any kind of competition between players. This is sort of what Battlespot did with Mindrover back in the day.

Also, this is kind of a bug, but a player should not be able to rate their own challenge. I ranked my own as 5/5 just to see if it would take it and the my challenge popped to the of the chart when sorted by rank (where it probably didn’t belong).