challenge mode, no option

I bought this game and I cant find any where to set up online accounts. thw challenge mode button is greyed out, how do I set up and access challenges as this seems to be impossible at the moment,
Or is this some kind of bug?

From a confused costomer.

On the main menu there should be a button labeled “online”

Get there and enter the code and name

The challenge should be unlocked



There is no button for online, I found out who made it for the mac and emailed them to ask if it was a bug.
They stated that this is not a bug and was intentional.

I am seriously not happy :frowning:

btw what code and name are you refering to? I never had one given to me.

Ahh… you probably got it from the Mac store? Apparently it’s not allowed for those apps to do interesting things like that. There are possibly other purchasing routes for the Mac, but I wouldn’t know myself.

[size=50]Never buy anything from an Apple store :-P[/size]

Yes, here’s the deal. It’s a bad news/good news situation. We couldn’t make online play work directly in the Mac App Store version of the game consistent with Apple’s requirements, at least not in time for the Mac App Store launch. That’s why the Mac App Store version is USD6 less expensive.

BUT the good news is that we have designed a workaround that should let Mac App Store purchasers upgrade their game to include all of the features of the regular versions, including challenges, the race expansion packs, and the campaign. We have submitted that update to Apple for review, and as soon as it’s available on the Mac App Store (assuming it gets approved), Mac App Store players will be able to pay the difference in price through our website and get full features in their game. We’re just waiting for Apple’s approval and this situation should be remedied.

I’m not hit by this issue myself, but I have to say a big thank you to Red Marble Games for pushing to get this sorted out. Without the online play and so on, the game is effectively crippled. They are a major part of the enjoyment and it’s good to know that everyone will have access to these features soon (Apple approval nonewithstanding of course).

Any update on this? I bought it unknowingly at the APP store and as a result have no online challenge option either. The game is kinda pointless without it or the campaign.

Sorry for the double post, I bought the bullet and paid for the non app store version via this website and just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the challenges!

Is there a way I can be notified when the Mac expansions come out? I really want to play online, and the new races/challenge!

p.s. I don’t want to have to buy the whole game again…

We had news from Apple on Monday Feb. 7 that they have reconsidered their view, and we now expect that Apple will approve our update to the Mac App Store version of the game that will add compatibility with the expansions. Not sure when, but would be surprised if it was more than a week or so. So we’ll hope for good news very soon for Mac App Store purchasers.

Oh, and anyone with the Mac App Store version who wants an email to let them know when the expansions are available for that version of the game should just drop us a line at support -at- redmarblegames - dot- com and we’ll add you to the list.

That’s great news, congratulations!