Challenge / Multi-Player Question


First off, we’ve downloaded the demo and really enjoyed it. Just like Civilization it has that one-more-turn quality (or one-more-space-battle quality in this case). Absolutely addicting!

We have one computer and three potential players: myself and my two sons. Is it possible for the three of us to design our individual fleets and match them against one another? I couldn’t quite figure out how the challenge system works from the manual since one GSB description I read indicates that it’s virtually played-by-email (not that e-mail is involved…it’s just one player at a time playing against a player-designed enemy fleet.) In other words, with one copy and one computer can you match your own fleets against themselves?

Thanks in advance!

When you post the challenge, just type in your id name as the person you are issuing the challenge to. You also have to be online, as it sends the challenge to a central server, and you can then download it back from that server and play against yourself. It’s a little awkward, but it does work.

It would be nice if we could just save our own challenges to our hard drive though… I imagine it would be just like loading a fleet deployment, except that you are loading the deployment for the other side. But it’s ultimately up to cliffski if/how that would be done.