Challenge : "Order only" and cooperative challenge

Well, as I am travelling since a few month, I haven’t played since a long time. So I don´t know if that type of challenge is there already. But I never heard of it…
This suggestion would probably be much easiser to implement than any other that I have done so far…

  • You simply are given a fleet of designed ships. Your only liberty is how you deploy them and what order you give. The number of each ships could be fixed or not.
  • And the other way round : The ships already have their order and are placed, but you can design them as you which.
  • Or A portion of your fleet has already been designed, deployed and given orders. But you have total freedom for a few remaining points.

This could lead to team challenge : two or three players decide to take an existing challenge (any of them). They could either decide that one is the engineer (design), one ressource manager (deployment, that is number of ships of each type) and the other the commander (orders). Or any combination of 2 (Design + ressource manager or ressource manager + commander)
Or, they could decide to have full freedom for a portion of the points, a type of the ships (fighters, cruisers…), and/or an area of the screen. Basically each player design and give orders to a specific part of the fleet.

Well, I fell that this is my most sensible contribution so far…

It seems as good idea.

Also possible variation could be, that you can design and use only limited number of designs, for example, you could use only one type of cruiser, and what you put in you have, and only that.

Or limit number of ship hulls in general.