Challenge results issue

Last night I finally noticed that every challenge I fought would double post even if I won on my first try…when I score a victory I get 1 attempt and 1 victory.

I thought it may have been due to playing (without rebooting) after the game crashed, but then I rebooted this morning and got the same results.

yes i get the same thing.

I did a uninstall\reinstall and it is still happening.

Don’t know if this helps with narrowing down the problem, but this issue only happens with victories…failed attempts only get one posting.

Hi thats intentional. Attempts is, literally just attempts regardless of outcome, whereas victories is victories. So defeats is attempts - victories.

Cliff, are you saying that when I win a challenge, it is supposed to post as an attempt and as a victory? I wasn’t disputing the defeats…the percieved problem is that when I win I get 2 entries posted…an attempt AND a victory. I checked other challenges and they don’t seem to follow this pattern I am having.

If that is so, why do I see challenges out there where there are just victories without a matching attempt posted?

BTW…I love this game!!!

Oh, I get it now! lol

Been digging through the forums. I now get how challenges work.

The issue is closed.