Challenge Screen & Ship Design Save/Load

I’ve been really enjoying GSB and have two suggestions.

  1. Challenge Screen: I don’t have the Tribe expansion yet, and when I look through the challenges posted, except for the ones that list the race as Tribe, I have no way of knowing if it’s an expansion made challenge or a vanilla GSB made challenge. So I often chose a challenge to download and get the message window that the challenge I picked has content I don’t have and can’t be played. A column on the challenge screen listing if a challenge has Tribe content/Next expansion content would greatly help avoid having to find working challenges (checkmark?). Or instead of a column, possibly a special icon/logo next to the challenge/in an existing column as a visual indicator that expansion content is on the challenge.

  2. Ship Design Save/Load: I love designing new ship builds and it’s a great feature of the game. Since each hull is race specific, is there a way that you could save and load your designs just for the race you have active? Right now, as a work around I use a naming convention of starting each ship name with the first initial of the race it’s for to keep them organized by race. When I load a ship design I still have to scroll through all of the designs of all races. One possible solution would be to have each race have their own ship design save folder, so you only save and load to that location (based on your active race). That way you don’t have to scroll through 200 designs for other races just to find what you’re looking for.

Thank you for your time and a fun game.

Ditto on 2. (I have the Tribe so I can’t comment on 1.)

Could there also be some kind of streamlining of saving a ship design? There can be 2 or 3 different dialogs just to save a ship, and I never save a ship with unused modules without intending to.

Maybe a checkbox for “Always do this action” or “Don’t show this dialog again” like so many other programs have?

Some interesting points here. I’ll try and get around to doing some of this…

I love suggestion 2, if it is possible to do.

The rest of the UI is fine, but trying to load a ship template is very very confusing if I wasn’t using a naming scheme: faction - type - name

So far that’s the only way I can sort them without losing my head!