Challenge suggestions

First and foremost, I think we need an option to post challenges ‘blind’ so people don’t know how many of what ship is in the challenge and what their formations look like before they start. After taking part in Spinaljack’s tournament, I find it a lot more exciting when I don’t know exactly what I’m setting up for.

Second, I think it would be nice if there were some optional rules that challenge makers could put on the challenge. Right now all you can do is pick a map with a tactical effect (-15% speed or whatnot), and pick the cost of the ships. I’d love it if there were options like “all ships min speed .2”, or “no cruisers” or “no fighters”, or “attacker get 75% point cost of defender”. Just some stuff to add some variety to challenges. Cause right now the only challenges that are challenging are generally the ones with a big over armored lump of ships sitting around practically immobile. It is a little monotonous.

Yes, customizable challenges is definitely something I think is cool, and it’s probably going to happen at some stage in the games history, I just am not sure exactly when.