[challenges] A suggestion?

Since I’ve been posting some extra challenges and retaliating as much as possible I have started to encounter some problems. I am getting retaliations and I think it would be a nifty idea that when a retaliation is posted back to you - then when you go to deploy your fleet, the original one you had used to challenge is posted. Usually it is blank and I have no clue what fleet originally I deployed. I know I can go and try and find my original post (4578875) but with so many challenges up now it is really hard to find the right one or the original one.

Well if nobody understands this it’s my 36th hour up and I’ve been playing GSB for most of it.
You know you’re playing to much when you can hear the effects and background music - and your speakers are off.


ohhh i get that all the time,i know the feeling :smiley:
anyway,yeah,nice idea
personally i think that the challenges with retaliations should develop each in their own “tree” so its all easy to find… shouldnt be TOO difficult to implement,alltho cliff might murder me and my family and my cat for suggesting it since he will have to create more UI stuff for it :smiley:

I could be wrong on this, and I really can’t check it at the moment, but I believe that when you look at the details of a challenge with retaliations, all the preceding challenges are listed at the bottom. I think it includes challenges from both players. Worth a look anyway.

It does but it still doesn’t show what the fleets where. I would like to know what the fleets that used where involved. About the only challenge/retaliation which I know how the fleets where deployed are on Baleur’s Blood Bath. BTW follick I am still working on it…


I expect your final response will be a doozy.

My point was that I believe you can load those challenges. They do come in as deployments on the right side of the screen, true - but at the least it can be a jumpstart for your memory to figure out what ship was where. That’s all.

The deployment screen for me is always blank?