Challenges Crash

I have not been able to run any challenges it crashes after i click fight. There is no error.txt and I have everything disabled.

Are you connected to the net? Have you clicked the refresh button to ensure the challenge list is up to date before selecting any? Or is this after a challenge is downloaded and you are on the deployment screen? (which fight button are you referring to, basically)

I get crashes after clicking download on some challenges. Perhaps 30% of the time.

Some of the challenges I click have 0 attempts, so I’m guessing that perhaps everyone is crashing when they attempt to download it?

I’m not able to get hold of the challenge details right now, but I’ll post the names of the challenges that make me crash when I get the chance.

Also, the 00/00/00 date challenges are messing up the order of the list, meaning that a certain number of challenges are always at the top getting played all the time, when the newer ones stay at the bottom. I assume these should be ordered by date with the newest first rather than 00/00/00 first?

I’ve had this problem with the Star Wars fleets, I’m guessing it’s due to not having the visual assets (or whatever…modding is a dark void to me). Game crashes instantly and I get an ‘unable to initialise 3D engine’ report.

Could that be your issue?

That could well be it. The game does not currently have any easy way to handle you downloading a challenge that relies on modded files :frowning:

This has caught me out a few times.

Maybe the challenge list needs some sort of ‘modded/vanilla’ filter.

I seem to recall one challenge gave me this problem a while back, but gave no indication whatsoever that it was from a mod (I expect it was though.)

The problem im having is not downloading the challeges its on the deployment screen. I layout my troops and click Fight and it crashes. This being vista the error box tells me nothing.

Do you know which challenge is triggering it?