Challenges - do you rate, retaliate, message?

I’ve done my best since I’ve been playing GSB to rate all challenges I run through. I have since started issuing my own challenges as well. Now I do my best when also playing to message the challenge creator and retaliate with the winning fleet (since I see how much feedback helps). I wish more users would do so, it would make for better challenges for all involved with feedback and some nice back and forth retaliation and also seeing where your master fleets weak spot was. Or just a message saying I had to use a mod to beat yours rather than wondering how a fleet you spent time on was beaten by one but no one else. What do you all think?

Agreed- however people rarely bother. That’s not a criticism of anyone, that’s just how it is online.

I usually retaliate to a challenge I’ve beaten unless I found it uber spammy.
Most times I do not get a counter-retaliation.
I rarely post.

Long weeks ahead.

Guilty. I recall you responding to one of my earlier challenges a while back. Um - I never responded, but I enjoyed the challenge!

I do not usually rate, I tend to forget.
but I do post a lot, and usually get good responses and retaliations which help alot and is fun.
and I do the same back with some hints and tips if needed.

a side note, the games lacks any sort of communication other than that. which is kind of stupid.
why do I have to search for a challenge by a friend, to defeat it in order to send him an in-game message.

I usually rate, though of late I haven’t been doing that (forgot to ><). Retaliate… I always do if my fleet is worthy enough, i.e. it’s not boring, and it can stand up to a couple of attempts. Sometimes I do retaliate even if my fleet is severely unbalanced (full fleet of ion cannon frigates?) for the fun of it. Message… usually no.

But the thing I always do is UNCHECK the boxes for the DLCs.


Most often I do rate, post and do responses especially when I get fun with it.