Challenges - Honor

Hi all, I got an idea - in “stock” battles if you use less than available points you get honor , to unlock ship parts.
But in online challenges if you use less points you got nothing - so one always cram as much fleet as possible. Nothing wrong with that, you are not supposed to unlock anything , you just need to beat the other fleet. But I think it will be more fun if you are awarded honor points for using less fleet points. NOT as a way to unlock something but just as indicator of your performance, / try to beat this with 5000 honor points / and the “honor points” box is already on the UI after-battle screen , so why not use it.
It can be taken even further - the game can track the average honor you gained in challenges and display it as some kind of performance indicator, may be even on a score board, OR on the Challenges screen may display against every challenge a little box that indicate average honor gained from all the users which attempted this challenge.

What do you think my fellow space admirals ?

I like that! To use it as a statistic tool would be very helpful and could compliment the changes coming in 1.36 nicely. If I post a challenge, and the enemy uses half of the fleet points/pilots, I’d know my fleet sucked. haha.

Wow, you need a statistic tool to tell if your fleets suck? I know mine suck from the moment I post them. Because they’re mine. :slight_smile:

(serious mode) This could be a nice addition to the game. Personally I suspect it would be yet another scorecard that I largely ignore, but that’s how I roll. I think it would likely enhance the fun of GSB for a lot of the players out there who enjoy taking a situation they’ve successfully beaten and see if they can do it better.

so a challenge I posted back in december i thought would be fun to try to beat since i don’t remember any of the units i used. well I’ve lost 4 times, using the order, against my own fleet… :frowning: guess this suggestion would only make me a depressed fleet admiral that would have to kamakazi my cruiser into the Zerg overloard. Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries. The last challenge I posted was a GP fleet that apaprently no one has a problem cutting through. Except me. Because I haven’t beaten it yet. With anything. Now that’s the kind of performance that has one saying “I don’t really want a scoreboard thanks.”

I like the idea for this sort of thing. I’m currently in the very early stages of a sort of campaign-online-meta-game that does similarish stuff, in some ways.