Challenges I Don't Like

This may be a moot point, I don’t know. Can we have the option of rating a challenge without having to run it out to the end? I really hate spam fleets of any kind - no fun for me at all. And being the nasty opinionated sort I am, I want to put my two cents in about “No I didn’t have fun with this at all.” But some spam challenges are a long, godawful slog even at 4X speed. Would it be possible to get the “Rate Challenge” button by using Admit Defeat (or the Esc key as is my usual habit)? I don’t want to sit through a battle where less than a quarter of the way in I have lost interest in who wins, just to speak my piece.

I can see the value in this, as I sometimes feel the same way about certain challenges. Any objections?

None here.

Spam fleets that are labeled can be fun to engage, but not always so.

This sounds like a good idea. Some challenges are broken. For example War Mallet’s challenge (#4551031) on 1/6/10. If there isn’t any enemy to fight, then there is no way to win. Sooner or later you have to admit defeat. It would be nice to have some way to tag these challenges or at least rate them down.