[challenges] random backgrounds


I see many people using the default background because they just can’t be bothered to choose their own…

purely as visual effect i think it would be nice if the default background is instead a “random” option

personally I’m tired of looking at the same background basically every battle…

shouldn’t be that hard to implement…


I found out something very interesting, I downloaded four REAL space images from yahoo, edited out the sceince mumble jumble and then placed then in the stat bitmaps backgrounds folder and then bingo I can selecte the background as a custom map. HOWEVER to have this same thing work with Challanges i think Both players MUST have the image.

So I would like to put together a few new images and have them put into the game as an auto update type thing, so that we can have more randomness. Also Cliffski what is the perfect sized jpeg for the backgrounds?

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yeah,we could really use a couple (dozen) more backgrounds and a random mode for em