Challenging yourself (offline)

It has been mentioned before, but…

It would be nice to have a ‘Challenge Yourself’ button in the ‘Deployment screen’.

After you deploy a fleet this button would remove the enemy fleet on the right of the screen, place your fleet there and allow you to deploy a second fleet to fight your first one.

This would make it simpler to test your challenges before posting them online, pit your ship-designs against each other, and give you some challenge functionality even when you are not online.

The same can already be done by challenging yourself in the current challenge system, but that requires several more steps/screens to go through than pressing one button. It also requires you to be online.

Fully agree!!! We’ve been using the work-around suggested on the forum but with 3 gamers and one GSB-friendly computer in our house this is how we’ve been doing local Mutli-Player.

Would love to see this option in the game.
It would be great to design ships and then put them against each other or another race.
This is something sorely missing from the game.

Please do include this feature in future updates.


Yes! I would love to see offline multiplayer mode implemented, both for testing my own ships against eachother, and having a fun way to compete with friends.

I think ideally, for fair offline multiplayer, you would configure both fleets simultaneously. Otherwise whoever went first would be at somewhat of a disadvantage, because their challenger would have prior knowledge of the fleet. The traditional “here’s my fleet, challenge it” style would still be possible without requiring an additional mode; one player could simply set up their side, and hand off control to the other player.

Am I the only one to think that this post should’ve been labeld as ‘Playing with yourself’…


+1 to this and +1 to the idea.


please rename this thread

well the name change to the thread is cool, but i really, really, really, want this to happen.

same here,its a great idea… but so is the thread name change :smiley:

Also supported, this would be amazingly useful :slight_smile:

Brilliant idea I can prove that my frigates are far superior to any cruiser that I could come up and would aid the Rise of the Frigate see post of the same name to have a insight into this reasoning

I support this. I made a few all-fighter challenges to see some furballing in the middle of the map between the Rebels and the Empire (Rebels curbstomped the imps.) and I got like 3 retaliations.