Change Fonts

is there a way to change the fonts?
because i need letters like ö,ä,ü to translate some strings to german.

thanks for every response

Good point ! I have similar question about polish letters like ęąóś etc. Is there any way to make them appear in the game, for example when playing Poland mod with polishnames txt ?

not without doing some clever hacking of the font bitmaps, because the game uses a custom text renderer that does not supported extended character sets…

what a pity! in democracy 1 it works

Yes Democracy 1 uses windows to draw the text, which means it will use any font you like and draw any character in existance, but its VERY SLOW on older PCs, and can actually not work on some cards, hence the new system for D2.

Thanks for your answer!

ok i can edit now the file but the problem is which symbol can i replace :-/

ok … d2 can’t load my edited *.dss file … It shows me an error

EDIT: Which settings i need to save the bitmap font?

To cliffski: I have one more update idea - would it be hard to code custom naming of currencies in Dem 2 , to have something besides dollar , euro and pound ? After all most other currencies have symbols without special signs (Pln,Kr,Lm etc.)

That should work right now, you just change it in the mission default for the currency. Or do you mean add mroe to the selectable list?

the DDS files need to be 32 bit ARGB dds files with no mip maps.

It does not work, if you change the currency in the mission file into anything else than dollar,euro or pound, it defaults in the game back to dollar.

ok to edit the dds-files isn’t the problem now, but its only a texture? because now i can see a black shape of the replaced letter :-/ (sorry for my bad english :wink: ) any idea? or ö=oe ä=ae ü=ue… it looks ugly :-/

Hmmm, its not going to work perfectly with those letters without me drastically redoing some stuff, because on some of the textures, there just isn’t enough room for it all.

yea :-/ because symbols like _ # ^ are useless for me so i tried to replace them