Change price of vehicle model after archiving.

I had decided to cull off my budget models and focus on fully featured vehicles, but after archiving I noticed that I had a heap in my showroom.
Am I missing something or can I not change the price of that model now to shift them?

Yikes this is a good point. I need to come up with a way of doing this. It might be best to just launch the car design details model when clicking on an archived design in the showroom maybe

would there be a way to have all the adjustments in the showroom? So while watching the showroom and seeing that our Compacts are flooding the showroom, we could move the price down 5 percent, wait a few seconds to see if they start moving, then keep that up while in the showroom

Maybe an option to unarchive a model?

Hi, I had the same problem, with a showroom full of overpriced cars that wouldn’t shift and I’d already archived the model

The solution was quite simple: go to your financials (top right of screen), click “income”, and there you see all the models with prices you can change, even for archived models that are in the showroom.

I think an option like that would be very helpful!

Great point