Change slider for Capital Controls

The slider for Capital Controls goes all the way down to “None”, but even at this setting it has a very significant effect. Consider changing “None” to “Low” or even “Medium”.


There’s many policies that do an impact but the slide is on “none”, hmm.

I suggested multiple times, that None should be renamed to Minimum


Oh thats a good idea. I shall make a note to do that. Obviously it sounds like 10 seconds work, but it then has to change in about 9 languages :smiley:


I’m glad this got noticed. I’ve been saying since I got in on this game that “None” needs to be renamed to “Minimal”.


I’ve found it easier to please socialists and annoy capitalists

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Oh also, are you liberal-socialist aswell? That’s my political view!

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Oooooo, so you want to conserve things you think it needs to live on

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I agree towards abortion, I was thinking the children is better off being birth and then make him go to the adoption center if they’re unwanted and then get adopted by a great person.


I agree towards abortion if it threatens the life of the mother.

Um… yeah, this is what I picture conservatives look like

If the adoption centers are neglected

Well, as long as you know who you are, you don’t need to put a lost-meaning label!

Oh! Are you centrist?

Centrist is about acknowledging every political wing and feeling indifferent about it, this is what I think.

Oh, so you have orientations towards capitalism? I’d imagine that’s what centre-right means.

Sounds good to me!