change the figures of those simulations


I have a burning question.

Is it impossible to change those figures of most of the simulations? I have tried to change some and found out it was only safe to make changes of the restaurants prices. If i ever tried to change anything number of the commute or social activities, my game just crashed. I downladed both patches but it was still the same. I tried to use the restaurant modding from another post but my game crashed as well. :confused:

Probably depends what you change them to. Make sure you’re not using a program that changes the file formatting slightly, or adds any unwanted extra spaces or tabs.

hi Cliff! Thanks for the reply.
The first time i think that i did change many things, but after 2 crashes, i only dared to make change to the price list. I think i didn’t do any extra space there, but it still crash.
Well, that like i have to change those prices but isn’t that also part of the fun in this game? :unamused:
I will give one more try, hope it works this time.
Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:

What are you using to edit the files? If you are using MS Word (or even Wordpad) then it will add characters that will crash the game. Use notepad to save the file. Programs-Accessories-Notepad I believe, or just do a search for notepad in the search function.

eh? :open_mouth: I didn’t know there is such a difference. I usually just open the file and edit it. Ah! I think those are excell files in my computer. I don’t know i should use the notepad to edit it.

hmmm…sorry, but i have a new question now. How do i change the escell file into the notepad? Is it the text. file like those you do for the new jobs in modding? :question:

thanks for answering!!! :slight_smile:

you can open a csv file in notepad, it’s just text. On most PC’s, they open by default as a spreadsheet, but they aren’t really spreadsheets. You need to make sure they get saved out as they were beforehand, which is a ‘csv’ file. This is why using notepad is safest.