1. Fixed crash in cabinet screen when reshuffling if the cabinet was already not full
  2. Fixed bug where re-shuffling seemed to affect the wrong ministers
  3. Fixed crash bug in the dilemma ‘Shared Parental Leave’


  1. Fixed some other dilemma crashes
  2. Fixed duplicate space character when editing a party name.
  3. Fixed political capital being always maximum on next turn.
  4. Fixed save game list not refreshing imemdaitely after a save game is deleted.
  5. Changed settings so more finance data is shown at the top strip for 1600 res and 1280 res layouts.
  6. Fixed bug where helicopter money and some other policies were not available except in the first turn.


  1. Fixed typo in LED lightbulbs dilemma
  2. Fixed wrong income value on motorists for the new car subsidies policy.
  3. Moved game hunting restrictions policy to the law and order section.
  4. fixed invalid characters in achievement descriptions.
  5. Reversed order of tabs on finance screen to match the top strip of the main UI.
  6. Added icons for debt interest/borrowing to the finance screens to look more consistent.
  7. Fixed issue with the popularity of policies being shown wrong on the icons screen after the first turn.
  8. Fixed issue with security showing up as an impact of a dilemma.
  9. Changed wording of the description for legal drug taxation policy.
  10. Changed slider descriptions for prison spending policy.
  11. Some common dilemmas and events are now less likely.
  12. State Rail now boosts rail usage at high slider levels
  13. State Water now mitigates water shortage situation at high slider levels.


  1. Capitalised UK in country description
  2. Release-notes for update dialog will now crop text and show full text as tooltips.
  3. You can now click a save game in the save-game list to copy its filename, and the game remembers the name of the current game.
  4. Fixed circular policy icon mysteriously drawn at top left after 2nd turn.
  5. State broadcaster and internet censorship both now have an impact on fake news.
  6. UK now starts off with Game Hunting restrictions in law.
  7. Fixed black achievement icons in dark mode.
  8. Rebalanced impacts on immigration to prevent unrealistic numbers of ethnic minorities appearing so rapidly.
  9. Rural development grants made easier to implement, but more expensive and slightly less effective on GDP.
  10. Both body cameras and Jury trial now have an impact on corruption.
  11. Corrected UK term length to five years.
  12. Gender Transition icon changed to use the correct symbol.
  13. Plant based diets now reduce the chances of a water shortage due to less water use of that diet.
  14. Fixed bug where repeatedly hitting ‘local’ button on main menu compass darkened the text.
  15. Removed duplicate effect from car usage on pollution. its now scaled by the extent of EV transition.
  16. Air travel now affects pollution, as does International trade. GDP effect reduced slightly.
  17. Driverless Car Laws now boost technology.
  18. Driverless cars now have a stronger effect on unemployment.
  19. Private Space Program is now slower to trigger.
  20. Banning Face Recognition now has an impact on Technology.
  21. Triggers for a variety of dilemmas have been adjusted.
  22. Charity now directly reduces poverty.
  23. Fixed highlighting bug where an icon on main screen was left highlighted incorrectly.
  24. Balanced better some policies that made socialists disproportionately happy
  25. Cost of Technology Colleges increased.


  1. Installer now offers to install visual studio 2013 redistributable, in case player does not have it already.
  2. Both payroll tax and stability now have inputs to triggering the Corporate Exodus situation.
  3. Stopped showing slider change explanations where there is insufficient room.
  4. A global option has been added to control speed of UI animations.
  5. Technology colleges now have no equality or socialism impact.
  6. New uncancellable policy of Selective Schooling added.
  7. Fixed crash when 2 save games exist from the exact same minute.
  8. Fixed crash when the last policy in the foreign affairs policy group was implemented and you click new policy.
  9. Added a new back button, with hotkeys to help you navigate the simulation, at top right of many screens.
  10. All nationalised industries can now be run at a profit, if so desired.
  11. Changes to a number of tax-evasion situations and their triggers/effects for added realism.


  1. Changes to how voters join/leave parties. More information shown in focus group/party screen for this.
  2. Government debt now affects business confidence and stability.
  3. Mortgage Tax Relief now increases the Generational Wealth Gap
  4. Compulsory church attendence now costs more political capital and school prayer costs less.
  5. Rural development grants cost more $ but less political capital, and raise car & trains usage.
  6. Youth club subsidies reduce cyber bullying.
  7. High levels of technology and science funding now reduce the brain drain situation.
  8. Fixed a bug where the back-button could be used when it should not be possible or valid.
  9. Added new policy: Cyberbullying awareness campaign.
  10. Changed display of income/cost history on the policy screen so chart goes right up to the present turn.
  11. Reduced darkness of dark mode.
  12. Fixed bug where manifesto pledges could go over 100%, or could be invalid if based on currently changing policy values.
  13. Hospital overcrowding now also reduced by private healthcare, and effect of state healthcare reduced slightly.
  14. Reduced the political capital costs for introducing or raising a number of very controversial policies.
  15. Increased strength of link between health and healthcare demand
  16. Hospital overcrowding now has a lingering impact on healthcare demand for 4 years after ending.
  17. Street gangs, Race Riots, Drug Addiction & Vigilantes now fuel Violent Crime.
  18. Adjusted the rate and extent to which voucher systems impact poverty and inequality.
  19. Narcotics policy now has several more steps, and the effects have been adjusted to compensate.
  20. Synthetic meat research grants now reduce chance of a water shortage.
  21. School and Healthcare vouchers now directly boost income for all.


  1. Reduced total arts subsidy costs.
  2. Armed police policy now also affects unemployment and state employees like non-armed police.
  3. Removed redundant customize mission options for hurricanes & earthquakes. Now set per-country.
  4. Banning livestock imports now raises food prices.
  5. Fixed state schools description and added a negative impact on capitalists.
  6. Renamed and adjusted slider names for Creationism.
  7. Vertical farming now reduces water shortage chances.
  8. Debt to GDP ratio now upsets capitalists at the high end.
  9. Fixed instances where effects on some income levels had no name in the UI.
  10. Armed police now reduce chances of vigilante mobs.
  11. Main UI visual controls now have tooltips, and the ‘weighted’ option takes popularity into account as well.
  12. Renamed Monorail policy and added slider and new description.
  13. QE and Helicopter money both now devalue your currency.
  14. Fixed inputs for election perceptions not working.
  15. High investment in high speed rail now decreases air travel & boosts productivity and trade.
  16. Very fast internet speeds now reduce car usage due to working from home.
  17. Drug addiction also now mitigated by armed police and community police.
  18. Added Oil Pipeline as a USA-only dilemma.
  19. Added USA as playable country.
  20. Fixed bug where the event and spin events screens showed a reduced value for the real effects of each event, and missed out some.
  21. Reduced strength of hospital overcrowding impact on parents.


  1. New policy effects preview UI
  2. Categories go red in new policies screen if not selectable
  3. Private space program easier to trigger, especially with high military.
  4. Adjustments to the way policy popularity is calculated.
  5. Edit to US description to break out latino vote.
  6. Fixes to voucher descriptions
  7. Fixed bug where party loyalties got stuck and never went down, resulting in weird election results.
  8. Agriculture subsidies no longer directly have a negative impact on health.
  9. Various tweaks to event triggers.
  10. Driverless cars now have more effects including obesity, retired people, gig economy etc.
  11. Adjustments to simulation to make it harder to max/min certain values like GDP, Crime etc.
  12. A doctors strike is now less likely during a contagious disease.
  13. Changed inputs to Gender Equality so they combine to be higher, and never reduce equality accidentally.
  14. Fixed death penalty so that it is never considered compassionate.
  15. Fake news formula adjusted to make more sense.
  16. Various adjustments to starting policy levels for the USA mission.
  17. New tooltip-graph on mouseover for effects shows the plotted graph and current position.
  18. Many policies, sim values & situations adjusted to make fighting crime & violent crime harder.
  19. Added two new policies: Drug treatment scheme and Drug Enforcement agency.
  20. Regional wars have an impact on stability now.
  21. Rail Strikes are worse for both commuters and GDP.
  22. Ghettos now help to cause polarization.
  23. Increased impact of generational wealth gap on youth.
  24. Female Genital Mutilation now renamed and applies to males too, and is default (for females) for UK & USA.
  25. Applied a negative hit to GDP on higher rates of tax for Income,Capital Gains,Payroll,Sales and corporate taxes.
  26. Capitalists are a bit angrier about debt, Trade unionists angrier about unemployment.
  27. Added State Airline, and State Post-service policies.
  28. Re-designed voter group membership to prevent influence of socialist opinions when a capitalist etc.


  1. New policy for nuclear fission
  2. Support for equations to control how costs and income from policies/situations are calculated instead of a simple linear ramp.
  3. PrtSc key on keyboard now drops a screenshot in \my documents\my games\democracy 4\screenshots in png format.
  4. Socialists are now pleased by state energy companies and state pensions.
  5. High currency strength has stronger and more skewed impacts on tourism and international trade.
  6. Fixed broken links between drug enforcement and organised crime and poverty and violent crime.
  7. Youth club subsides reduce street gangs slightly now.
  8. There is now a middle color (orange) for showing popularity of policies in icon mode.
  9. Fixed a bug where a white rectangle might be shown on the next turn report (representing everyone group).
  10. Another change to game calculation model to make extremes less likely.
  11. Fixed bug that prevented luxury goods tax income correctly scaling by the amount of wealthy people.
  12. Fixed duplicate capital gains impact on GDP.
  13. Organic Food Subsidies now reduce water shortage situation and also reduce food price.
  14. Disguised Employment dilemma now works as an input to how likely the gig economy situation is.
  15. Young people are now more likely to be liberal, retired are more likely to be conservative.
  16. Clean energy subsidies now reduce oil demand, instead of improving energy efficiency.
  17. Removed duplicate link from legalizing sex work to organised crime.
  18. Policy effects preview no longer lets you see untriggered situations.
  19. Reduced impact of legal aid on the poor.
  20. Reduced impact of gated communities on crime.
  21. Boosted impact of unemployment on crime.
  22. Reduced the impact of a number of policies on environmentalist happiness.
  23. Rubber Bullets, tear gas and water cannon policies affect compassion now.
  24. Child benefit, Childcare and Parenting lessons affect gender equality now.
  25. Effects now have a simple tooltip again, but right clicking shows the graph window which also shows any other inputs affecting them.
  26. The time it takes for many anti-crime and violent crime policies to take effect has been lengthened and effect reduced, as well as normal crime.
  27. Cyberwarfare situation now also boosts crime rate.
  28. Lots of adjustments to situations, policies and simulation data so that Health is not so easy to max out so rapidly.
  29. Fixed some events that never, or rarely triggered.
  30. Scaled political capital cost of cancelling a policy based on how strongly the policy is currently set.
  31. Slowed down rate at which changes to military spending take effect.
  32. Made some of the policies that please environmentalists take longer for them to have an effect on their happiness.
  33. Slight adjustments to debt crisis and corporate exodus to make them less catastrophic.


  1. Fixed policy details screen so it will correctly scale vertically if required and room is available.
  2. Donors and ministers will now not suggest a policy that benefits one of their sympathy groups if it also upsets the other group.
  3. Changes to Border Controls, Border Wall and Close Airports to make them more effective at high levels at reducing immigration.
  4. Reduced impact of immigration on the proportion of ethnic minorities.
  5. Fixed bug which prevented a number of negative events from taking place.
  6. Rebalancing of lots of events that seemed very unlikely to trigger.
  7. Fixed incorrect data in the native species extinct event.
  8. Legalizing sex work now slightly pleases capitalists increases self employed membership And reduces black market situation.
  9. Reduced impact of policies that make farmers happier or increase their numbers.
  10. Working week now affects productivity.
  11. Its now impossible for the election to be a tie with exact same number of votes for 2 parties.
  12. Added link between Biofuel Subsidies and CO2Emissions.
  13. Income from Import Tariffs increased and is now scaled by international trade, Impact on trade reduced and slowed.
  14. Reduced impact of ministers campaigning ability on the final voting result.
  15. Fixed potential crash bug when cancelling every possible source of income, then checking the finance screen.
  16. Added Germany!
  17. Removed duplicate effect from internet currency taxation to internet currency adoption.

…see below



  1. Renamed Internet Currency to Cryptocurrency.
  2. Adjustments to all policies & situation affecting farmers, who were too easily pleased. Plus international trade and petrol tax now affect them.
  3. Improved terrorist plot details dialog screen shows current threat level and link to intel screen.
  4. New Policies: Financial Transactions tax, Proportional Fines and Ban Coal.
  5. Technology defaults lower, but is now boosted by high military spending.
  6. Fixed bug where party names lists seemed empty if screen height was 800 or lower.
  7. Violent Crime now harder to fix and also linked slightly to unemployment.
  8. Reduced the severity of gridlock situation.
  9. Reduced impact of some policies on environmentalist happiness.
  10. Fixed bug where the turn before an election, the election button remained red even after viewing that screen.
  11. Tweak to the default distribution of incomes to result in slightly more wealthy people in all countries.
  12. Tax breaks for foreign investors now only boost foreign investment (and slower), which then indirectly boosts GDP.
  13. Various GDP tweaks including moderating the impact of OilPrice on GDP by the Electric Car Transition.
  14. Fixed Germanys debt, which is not as catastrophic as we thought :D.
  15. Added some extra negative perception effects from selected policies, events and dilemma choices.
  16. You can now click an entry on the new policies potential effects list to go to that item.
  17. At very high levels state rail,air, post and energy now boost worker productivity.
  18. At extreme funding levels, state industries now slightly boost corruption.
  19. Corruption defaults to 40% instead of 30%
  20. Fixed dilemmas and events so that they use the correct name on tooltips when showing up as an effect.
  21. Added timeline of events under the 3 charts on the voter details screen.
  22. Effects of Drug and Alcohol taxes are now correctly scaled by alcohol and drug consumption
  23. Fixed wrong link between poverty rate and drug addiction.
  24. Fixed bug where occasionally a party donor had no profile picture.
  25. Added timeline icons to the voting intentions graph, and fixed layout of icons for other graphs.
  26. Fixed impacts on voter perceptions not showing up for event and dilemma screens.
  27. Torture Deportation decisions now affect voter perception of compassion.
  28. Ban Second Home Ownership & Empty Homes Tax now both reduce chances of a real-estate bubble.
  29. Added France!
  30. Socialists now less happy about some policies and improved reaction to income tax.
  31. Carbon Capture, Energy Efficiency and carbon tax now less effective against CO2.
  32. Reduced max interest rates on government debt.


  1. Border wall policy now requires the country have a land border :D.
  2. Country specific policies now excluded if unsuitable from donor demands and minister demands.
  3. Fixed broken link between working week and productivity.
  4. Sports team being gagged event no longer make patriots so insanely furious.
  5. Preview of effects on new policy screen now always sized correctly.
  6. Sliders on the policy screen now automatically spring to a valid position when you release your mouse.
  7. Right to privacy now upsets capitalists.
  8. Revamp on healthcare costs system so many items now affect healthcare demand which then affects healthcare costs.
  9. Added credits link to main menu.
  10. Reforestation now affects the environment.
  11. France now has ID cards and no more luxury goods tax.
  12. Shifted to native 64 bit support.
  13. Colorblind Support.
  14. Re-spaced the cost/income buttons on policy details screen and made them responsive to mouse.
  15. Changed how ministers and donors choose voter group sympathies so as to be more representative of the current demographics.
  16. Fixed broken link between banning second home ownership & socialism
  17. Dilemmas repeat only after twice the old duration now.
  18. Fixed multiple impacts on flat tax by tax evasion.
  19. A whole bunch of minor balance tweaks for each country.
  20. Added Canada! (and new northwest passage situation)
  21. Some speeding up of drawing the main interface.
  22. Stem Cell policy now only has a really strong effect on Religious voters in the US.


  1. Added Right To Die to Canada.
  2. Fixed a crash bug on intel screen with maximum terrorist threat
  3. Hide steam friends button when not logged in to steam.
  4. Some stability improvements.


  1. Removed duplicate link between obesity and healthcare demand.
  2. Fixed steam workshop installed mods list.
  3. Fixed duplicate impact on healthcare demand caused by violent crime.
  4. Fixed inverted impact of private schooling on poor income.
  5. You no longer see a party with absolutely no members or activists.


  1. Fixed incorrect count of party members in next turn screen when its very low.
  2. Steam now supports detailed status text when in game.
  3. Fixed broken in-game modding website link.
  4. Fixed support for loading in translation data for modded situations, sim values, events and dilemmas.
  5. Hopefully fixed a rogue red icon in the top left of the screen in some circumstances.
  6. Auto-switch to most powerful graphcis card if an nvidia or AMD card is rpesent
  7. Changed how labour laws are seen to affect strikes to prevent confusion.
  8. Respiratory disease now increases healthcare demand.
  9. Reforestation effect on the environment is now much slower to take effect
  10. A whole bunch of balance changes to make the debt crisis have a stronger effect at high levels.
  11. GDP has a more skewed impact on wages at a high level now.
  12. Slightly reduced the debt-immunity granted to the US due to being the worlds reserve currency.


  1. Fixed bug where sometimes clicking on buttons or other elements on the electioneering perceptions tab would fail.
  2. Bicycle subsidies and cycling campaigns reduce car and rail usage less in Canada, due to geography / temperature.
  3. Fixed tooltips slowly shrinking or being the wrong size in some circumstances.
  4. Steam friends average positions now show up on the compass at the main menu correctly.
  5. Fixed incorrect sizing of icons if you remove every policy in a policy area and also fire a minister.
  6. Fixed loading of translations for missions from a mod folder
  7. Added small Married Tax Allowance by default for Canada.
  8. Added information on voter sympathy groups to the policy screen minister tooltips.
  9. Election results now tints colors of absent voters to show who they leaned towards supporting.
  10. Fixed bug where some events would happen too often and some not at all.
  11. Added Italian Translation


  1. Altered mod support so that entire languages can be added as a mod.
  2. Achievements rebalanced and some bugs fixed that prevented triggering.
  3. Hyperinflation situation now has worse effect on Trade, plus upsets the wealthy and self employed.
  4. Added Italian translations for France,Germany and Canada missions.
  5. Fixed bug where changes to term length and limit may not be saved.
  6. Added option to disable political capital system entirely.
  7. Fixed issue where the new turn report did not remove a minister demand that had already been met that turn.
  8. Income from graduate tax now mostly dependent on education levels. Also high graduate taxes now reduce education.
  9. Improved the algorithm controlling global CO2 emissions over time.
  10. Banning Divorce, Legalizing sex work, and abortion policies now all also affect Gender Equality.


  1. Fixed bug where the campaigning ability indicator was missing on the minister details screen.
  2. Added new search bar for icons on the main screen triggered from new button at the top.
  3. Fixed anomlay where the back button did not launch the political capital spending confirmation on the policy screen.
  4. Added totally new voter analysis screen at the end of an election.
  5. Changed the way voters pick parties which should fix coalitions being so rare.
  6. Fixed crash bug when hitting the escape key while a drop down list was opened.
  7. Fixed very annoying bug where opposition party memberships/colors may have been swapped between turns!
  8. Fixed modding issue where names for ministers/voters did not load in correctly.
  9. Fixed crash on compass or load game screen where a save game existed from a modded country that has been uninstalled.
  10. Fixed offscreen input to average temperature.
  11. Fixed Speeches so that state employees and self employed can come up more often as a conflicting choice.
  12. Fixed crash bug when political capital is disabled and you reshuffle cabinet often.
  13. Fixed bug where reshuffling a minister, then reassigning them could result in a temporarily missing icon.
  14. Fixed some missing sound effects.
  15. Improved bottom section of election results screen so that you can see individual data for every party in 3 party elections.
  16. Fixed bug in the voting intentions chart which over-estimated the chances of people voting for the player in 3 party elections.


  1. New option: Mute (or not) when game loses focus to alt+tab.
  2. New option: cap (or not) to 60 FPS.
  3. Fixed text-wrap bug on political capital slider popup on policy screen in certain scenarios.
  4. Improvements to Italian translation.
  5. Fixed crash bug on multi party elections.


  1. Added new country: Australia!
  2. Faith School Subsidies now reduce teacher shortages situation.
  3. Speech animation now affected by UI animation speed slider.
  4. Hospital overcrowding slightly harder to trigger.
  5. Fixed bug where initial donors and ministers only had sympathy to the same 4 groups.
  6. Fixed glitch on assassination screen where icon backgrounds could be corrupted.
  7. Fixed bug where reshuffling a minister back into a different job could occasionally leave their icon offscreen.
  8. Average temperature (climate change effectively) now increases immigration when it gets really high.
  9. Slightly reduced impact on Liberals of internet censorship.
  10. Executive Term Length changes now have no implementation delay.
  11. Political capital screen now shows a tooltip to explain the political honeymoon.
  12. Oil drilling subsidies now reduce the number of environmentalists.
  13. Pollution has slightly less impact on growth of environmentalism.
  14. Reduced impact of executive term length on Liberals.
  15. Reduced impact of Private Prisons on Trade Unionists.
  16. Political honeymoon option now also starts the player with a short-term post-election happiness boost for all voters.
  17. Added tooltips to focus group perceptions/ministers etc to show exact values.
  18. Adjustments to the impacts of legalizing sex work and narcotics policies on organised crime.
  19. Media events that have been triggered now become available again 36 turns later.
  20. Third party now slightly less likely to get votes in a three party system.
  21. The Space Program policy now boosts internet speed at a high level due to satelite tech.
  22. Cyclones are now slightly more likely.
  23. Various Achievements made easier.