1. Fixed some anomalous effects and effect charts for high,middle,low income and a few others.
  2. Fixed the timeline icons on the voter details screen occasionally being off-center.
  3. Fixed bug where mods could cause extra entries in the drop-down list for languages on the options screen.
  4. You can now click on effects on a voter groups income or membership and it takes you to the right screen.
  5. Fixed bug where policy icons were invisible if you can cancelled a policy and later re-implemented it.
  6. Framerate improvement for video cards that seem fill-rate limited for screens with full-screen dialog windows.
  7. Improved algorithm for voter turnout which results in much more sensible (and often higher) results.
  8. Added Brazilian Portuguese Translation!
  9. Many effects that reduce crime and violent crime now take longer, and some inputs to crime and violent crime are stronger.
  10. The cyberbullying situation now boosts the violent crime rate.
  11. Many effects the boost education now take effect over a longer period.
  12. Policies that affect technology positively now take longer to achieve that effect.
  13. Industrial automation now has a stronger impact on unemployment.
  14. Technology now causes unemployment directly at a higher level.
  15. Homelessness now influenced by population and more strongly influenced by other factors.
  16. Fixed potentially bad memory leak if you repeatedly launch the load game or save game window with lots of save games.
  17. Lots of balance changes.
  18. Revamp of immigration, now split into legal and illegal, refugee policy added, and immigration rules policy added. Illegal immigration crisis situation added.
  19. Real estate bubble situation now upsets the poor.
  20. Relaxing planning laws dilemma now affects the real estate bubble situation.
  21. Fixed Empty Homes tax which had a reversed impact on socialism.


  1. Some changes to immigration and illegal immigration effects to improve balance.
  2. RGB number now added to the color picker sliders.


  1. Changes to credit rating calculations, so QE & Helicopter money now only affect it through inflation. Stability also affects credit rating too now.
  2. Added French, German and Spanish language!
  3. Workers on boards added to French mission.


  1. Fixed bug on retirement age selecting top slider value.
  2. High corruption now impacts the cost of the military.
  3. Fixed a bug that caused an unnecessary error message when selecting a language that exists purely in a mod.
  4. Re-balancing of some event triggers.
  5. Road building changed so that it no longer appears to boost car usage at minimum policy level (moved to default value).
  6. Added mouseover information for each point on the historical finance chart.
  7. The global economy fluctuates more randomly now.
  8. Improvements to some internal balancing systems should make the game swing less suddenly between success and failure.
  9. The next turn report now includes a warning that the voters have detected a policy reversal.
  10. New policies: Religious Tax, Religious banknotes, State Religion and Ban Women from driving.
  11. New country: Spain.
  12. Certain event windows such as donor changes, credit rating changes and assassination attempts now have a details button.


  1. Population variable now correctly taken into account everywhere that a number of voters is listed.
  2. Unemployment benefit now has an admin cost even at full employment.
  3. New turn report screen now (mostly) sorts items by importance and only shows the top 8 most important items.
  4. You can no longer quit the speech progress screen while the speech is being given.
  5. Cynicism from pre-election policy changes is now triggered more easily.
  6. Fixed display bug when almost all policies have been implemented.
  7. Save games now dont have strange dates ands times when saved at certain times (They always use 2 digit numbers now).
  8. Made it easier to click on an individual voter from the bottom chart on the voter happiness screen.
  9. Fixed bug where clicking on the pie chart in expenses / income could generate a window underneath the current one.
  10. Fixed bug where occasionally in ‘value’ icon mode, simulation values in tooltips were incorrect.
  11. Fixed bug where some effects of potential policies were left of the list on small screen resolutions.
  12. Spain Executive term length now set correctly at 4 years.
  13. Fixed bug where the mouseover values on the finance chart showed yearly, not quarterly income values.
  14. Increased some policy start values in germany to reduce starting obesity.
  15. Impact of both types of immigration on healthcare demand reduced.
  16. Fixed Global Economy so it does not get stuck so badly in deep recession any more.
  17. Global economy now affects immigration (legal) There are more economic migrants when the global economy is low.
  18. Maternity leave now costs the government money when set at a high level (maternity pay paid by state).
  19. Regional war event now also boosts illegal immigration.
  20. Impact of retirement age on state pension cost doubled.
  21. Changed a bunch of inputs to education so they take longer. High poverty rate now negatively impacts education.


  1. Fixed issues running on low res screens, so minimum screen height is now only 768 res.
  2. Achievements window now has 4 columns on really large screens.
  3. Fixed bug where perception inputs window could open behind the spin event results.
  4. Some graphical ‘polish’ changes.
  5. Germany - Reduced strength of Welfare Fraud Dept.
  6. Germany - Reduced spending on Disability benefit
  7. Germany - Wire Tapping added at a low level.
  8. Germany - Immigration and Refugee rules more lenient.
  9. Germany - Charity tax Relief increased.
  10. Germany - Added a carbon tax.
  11. New Policies: Unexplained Wealth orders, Border Navy, Packaging Tax, Plastics Tax, Water Meters, Desalination Plants.
  12. Mortgage tax relief now less costly to implement, Food labelling slightly more costly.
  13. Removed duplicate link between Inflation and Cryptocurrency adoption.
  14. Fixed bug where credit rating not displayed correctly on tooltip for credit rating change.
  15. Rebalance of the likelihood of many dilemmas triggering
  16. Doctors strike situation less directly tied to state health care now, more related to wages.
  17. Rail Strike situation less directly tied to state rail now, more related to wages.
  18. Luddite riots now less immediately triggered, and also suppressed by Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets and Water Cannons.
  19. Tasers no longer useful against Race Riots, but Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets and Water Cannons now work against them.
  20. Fixed wrong requirements in guides for top marx achievement.
  21. Changes to UK starting conditions to include many policies that should be already in place.
  22. Changes to USA starting conditions to include many policies that should be already in place.
  23. CO2 Emissions have a stronger affect now on Average Temperature
  24. Road Building now has a more skewed and stronger negative effect on traffic congestion.
  25. Cyclones now easier to trigger.
  26. Fixed achievement bug that meant some achievements were unusually hard.
  27. A whole bunch of previously super-hard achievements are now a bit easier.
  28. Events have been re-balanced.


  1. Images now shown and UI improved slightly for mod browsing screen.
  2. Unexplained Wealth Order policy now reduces Tax Evasion.
  3. Nicer main menu background.
  4. Election results now always have a few token votes for every party regardless how unpopular.
  5. Election day voting is counted in a more interesting order so the result is more nail-biting.
  6. When a policy change is interpreted as cynical, a warning is now shown on the next turn report.
  7. A new warning is now given in the middle of your last term that you might want to lengthen term limits.
  8. Tourism is now impacted by banning women from driving, alcohol and narcotics laws and legalizing sex work.
  9. Fixed bug preventing some inputs to an effect on the right-click menu for an effect showing up correctly.
  10. Policy popularity now calculated only by asking those voters who have an opinion, and counting relative likes/dislikes.
  11. Policy Popularity icon mode now displays icon size as a count of those with opinions, color as the relative like/dislike.
  12. Main menu icon sizing modes now allow for much bigger and much smaller icons.
  13. Fixed bug where voters had infinite memories of policy changes for detecting reversals. Corrected to only 24 turns.
  14. Launching the intel screen now closes any open minister details windows.
  15. Fundraising chart for parties overhauled so its less confusing and shows donor/member split over time.
  16. Tax Evasion now also caused by high sales tax and affects sales tax income.
  17. Reduced impact of public tax returns on corruption and tax evasion.
  18. Cryptocurrency now causes some CO2, and boosts Internet Crime and Organized Crime slightly.


  1. Fixed incorrect or broken effects & costs for EV transition, Plant Based Diets, Judicial Independence, Nuclear Fission.
  2. Changed scaling for simulation values so in ‘value’ mode they show difference from the midpoint.
  3. Added South Korea as a playable country!
  4. Added support for country-specific minister art groups.
  5. Improvements to how sensibly the icons are positioned on the main UI.
  6. UK now has Tobacco Awareness Campaign enabled to reflect the warnings on packets.
  7. Reforestation policy is now slower to implement, and slower to impact the environment.
  8. Synthetic meat research now boosts plant based diets, and pleases instead of upsetting environmentalists.
  9. Improved election analysis screen so it uses tiny people symbols rather than an ambiguous ‘dot’.
  10. Slightly boosted impact of voter ‘complacency’ over time for when they start to take the governments policies for granted.
  11. Fixed a bug that artificially limited how complacent voter groups could be at a lower level than it should.
  12. Party analysis screen now also uses people icons instead of meaningless dots.
  13. Possible fix for rare bug where alt-tabbing to and from the game can lead to ‘phantom clicks’ on items like the next turn button.
  14. Fixed bug where the background fade effect disappeared when canceling an industry privatization.


  1. Improved new game debt slider so it always defaults to the middle and allows zero or doubling the debt.
  2. Added Tobacco Awareness Campaign to the Canada, Australia and Spain missions.
  3. Cynicism has a stronger effect now.
  4. Added a link between inequality (low equality) and violent crime.
  5. Added a link between average temperature and violent crime.
  6. Edits to South Korea Mission: President not Prime Minister, Removed Royal Family, Added State Broadcaster.
  7. Fixed bug where the North Korea threat could we warned about to any country!
  8. New Australia-specific dilemma: Mining on aboriginal lands.
  9. Australia gets a default energy industry boost, and some other values have been tweaked.
  10. Australia now has stronger impacts on CO2 from renewable energy due to good solar power potential.
  11. Fixed bug where the financial cost of situations never seemed to change.
  12. France and Germany now have an EU Contribution situation that costs money, Spain has EU Subsidy situation as income.
  13. Added EU Monetary policy to France, Germany and Spain. Effectively uncancellable Quantitative Easing.
  14. Members of the EU can no longer impose capital controls.
  15. Optimizations to startup, and general UI.
  16. EU countries now have a 4x multiplier to the political capital required to change immigration / tariff rules, due to needing EU agreement.
  17. The US now has custom names for ministers (like sec of state etc…)
  18. The US now has reduced anger at handgun laws from parents, reduced anger at armed police from liberals, and higher default racial tension due to it’s history.
  19. UK now has a monarchy situation.
  20. Added Nuclear Weapons policy.
  21. Fixed tooltips on customise mission screen, and we now hide 3rd party details if not enabled.
  22. Fixed bug where strart of new game added one turn’s deficit to the debt.
  23. Increased Canadian governemnt debt to the correct (much higher) figure.
  24. Private Prisons now also reduce the severity of prison overcrowding.


  1. Fixed exploit where the list of speech soundbytes got recreated each time you launched that window.
  2. Internet censorship and tough handgun laws now slightly boosts security.
  3. Mandatory Microchip Implants also boost security.
  4. Right to Privacy and Mandatory Microchip implants now cannot be implemented together.
  5. Tough Handgun laws now reduce the likelihood of Armed Religious Communities.
  6. Strong intellectual property rights now increase likelihood of the Black market situation.
  7. Labor day holiday now makes trade unionists happy and boost their membership slightly.
  8. At high levels, the telecommuting initiative now boosts worker productivity.
  9. Closing all airports now cannot be combined with a state airline, and vice versa.
  10. Limiting or banning cars in cities now boosts bus usage (which also has a secondary effect on car usage).
  11. Strong alcohol restrictions now encourage organised crime.
  12. All the influences on the Drug Addiction situation now take longer to have an effect.
  13. Legalizing gay marriage can boost the cost of married tax allowances policy by up to 7%.
  14. High speed rail subsidies now reduce the chance of a rail strike.
  15. The Burning holy building event now understandably upsets religious voters.
  16. Nuclear Weapons now upset Environmentalists.
  17. Fixed bug where some text was not translated correctly if the whole language was from a steam workshop mod.
  18. Hospital Overcrowding now contributes after a delay to a Doctors Strike.
  19. Some event & situation balancing, including food banks influenced by inequality and charity.
  20. Drug Addiction will now feed into homelessness.
  21. Oil Demand and time now feed into the likelihood of Power Blackouts (unless mitigated by renewables/nuclear/efficiency).
  22. Added Russian and Polish language!


  1. Removed duplicate effect from firearms laws to armed religious communities.
  2. Removed duplicate impacts on luddite riots.
  3. Fixed some harmless debug warnings about missing neurons.
  4. Intel readouts are now inverted for situations where a policy reduces security effectiveness, such as Press Freedom.
  5. Fixed error where a total ban on handguns actually reduced security, instead of boosting it. Ooops.
  6. Fixed support for names for each slider setting in modded policies.
  7. EU situation now renamed to EU membership, also now boosts stability and foreign investment.
  8. EU countries now benefit from the Erasmus programme, which boosts youth income & happiness and also education.
  9. Import tariffs can now not be implemented by EU members.
  10. Made some impacts of banning low mpg cars scaled by EV transition, and introduced support for inverse variables and 6-variable equations.
  11. Cyberbullying Awareness Policy now slightly reduces Internet Crime.
  12. Universal Basic Income (UBI) cost now quadrupled so it reflects the correct figure.
  13. The Polarization situation now explains its effects better.
  14. Fixed some places where non English text was missing or did not fit nicely.


  1. Payroll tax, property tax, car tax and inheritance tax now also contribute towards the tax evasion situation.
  2. Organised Crime situation now causes corruption.
  3. Low judicial independence now actually causes some corruption.
  4. Banning sunday shopping now decreases liberalism over time.
  5. Doubled the political capital requirements for making changes to competition law.
  6. Added Italy as a playable country!
  7. Massive increase in the economic impact of Organised Crime. (also skewed higher).
  8. EU membership is now shown as a fixed cause of EU monetary policy.
  9. Costs of some situiations adjusted. Inner City Riots lower, Class warfare and other riots/protests much higher.
  10. Added new policy: CO2 awareness campaign. Active for italy, due to school climate lessons.
  11. Competition law is now an uncancellable policy.
  12. Accepting donor demands now boosts corruption, reduces trust and reduces democracy temporarily.
  13. Fixed bug where EU membership and some other special situations seemingly randomly just deactivate.
  14. Some rendering optimisations to improve performance for low-end video cards.
  15. Rebalancing of the maximum level of interest on government debt and the way the credit rating is calculated.
  16. Top conceivable interest on government debt has been reduced to accurately reflect current global economic situation.


  1. Removed duplicate impact on security from mandatory microchip implants (2 appearances on security screen)
  2. Reduced Technology impact of driverless car laws by 50%.
  3. Doubled the cost of Stem Cell policy.
  4. Reduced Technology impact of Technology Colleges by 25%
  5. Boosted Technology impact of Rare Earth Refinement by 100%.
  6. Reduced Technology impact of Technology Grants by 25%.
  7. Illegal immigration situation is now slightly harder to trigger, easier to solve.
  8. The Private Space Program,Armed Religious Communities and Doctors Strike situations are now harder to trigger.
  9. Egalitarian society situation no longer influenced by Education, but needs Gender Equality and low Generational Wealth Gap.
  10. Reduced link between Rare Earth Refinement and Productivity.
  11. Reduced impact of Alcohol Consumption on Productivity.
  12. Reduced default level of Productivity.
  13. Slowed most inputs to the Corporate Exodus situation by 50%.
  14. Slightly easier now to trigger the Teachers Strike.
  15. Plastics Tax and Packaging Tax are now also inputs to the Black Market situation.
  16. Homelessness,Antibiotics-ResitantBacteria,Class War and Food Banks situations now trigger more easily.
  17. Dilemmas rebalanced so some are more frequent, others less frequent.
  18. Bug fix for theoretically fixed situations like EU monetary policy stopping or starting.
  19. Media Monopoly situation now reduces Democracy.
  20. Fixed bug where some values on the ‘disposable income’ screen were inaccurate, or garbled (esp for South Korea).
  21. Car Emissions limit’s impact on motorists income is now scaled by inverse of EV transition.
  22. Cost of body cameras now scaled to numbers of police,community police & armed police.
  23. Fake news now increases chance/effect of Contagious disease situation and boosts racial tension.
  24. Fixed links for minister icons on main screen to correctly show inputs and outputs from them and their sympathy groups.
  25. Education now takes time (2 years) to feed through into a change in Productivity.
  26. Air travel now slower to respond to GDP, but boosts pollution more.
  27. Worker productivity impact on GDP now a gentler curve.
  28. GDP impact on unemployment now a gentler curve.
  29. GDP has a steeper impact on pollution, homelessness and car usage now.
  30. Corruption and average minister effectiveness now shown at the bottom of finance screen. Corruption affects policy costs/income now.
  31. Corruption and minister effectiveness now shown at bottom of finance history for each policy, mouseover shows cost impact of each.
  32. Corruption slightly boosts tax evasion now.
  33. Rebalanced many inputs from state services to state employee membership and unemployment to make them more accurate.
  34. Voter turnout is now generally higher in all situations.


  1. Fixed bug relating to sound card drivers. Sound engine can now be overriden in prefs.ini
  2. Fixed issue where driverless cars situation would not trigger correctly.
  3. Party names can be edited simply by clicking the name instead of the up/down arrow now. (On customise mission screen).
  4. Party names on customize mission screen sorted alphabetically, and scale to whole window if only 2 parties selected.
  5. Fixed a bug where disabling the third party on countries that have it by default was being ignored.
  6. Fixed crash bug when renaming a minister then clicking next turn.
  7. Re-designed immigration system so factors feed into immigration demand, which then applies to illeghal or normal immigration depending on rules.
  8. New gears icon shows and is clickable on a policy or other effect that has additional factors included in its calculations.
  9. Rebalance of GDP at the high end, so that some inputs fade off their effects gradually, making maximum GDP harder to attain.
  10. Pollution now contributes to Respiratory Diseases.
  11. The Real Estate Bubble makes people more socialist.(anger at house prices).
  12. New tab on choose country screen shows special adjustments to the games code made for each country.
  13. Added country flag to election results screen.
  14. Fixed dumb bug where after 49 victory entries in the political compass, the last one got overridden constantly.
  15. Welfare fraud department now boosts Bureaucracy slightly whereas Universal Basic Income (UBI) reduces it.
  16. No achievement checks are now carried out if the game has had political capital disabled.
  17. Private space program now harder to achieve
  18. Socialists now slightly angered by the Gig Economy.
  19. Gridlock and Obesity situations now slightly rarer.
  20. Prison overcrowding now equally reduced by state and private prisons.
  21. Black market situation slightly easier to trigger.
  22. High GDP has a mroe skewed impact on Wages now.
  23. Reduced base impact of Quantitative Easing on GDP.


  1. Agreeing to the Freedom Of Information Dilemma now reduces Corruption.
  2. Resignation dialog now shows effect on voter perceptions of leader.
  3. State Broadcaster now takes a year to implement, and reduces impact of Media Monopoly situation.
  4. UK now has the English language correctly affect Immigration demand, not actual Immigration.
  5. Some UI improvements to the ‘update mod’ and ‘create mod’ screens.
  6. Cancelling driverless car laws after the situation triggers will now end that situation.
  7. Increased worst case main-screen performance on old integrated intel chips from 30fps to 71fps!
  8. Fixed bug where global interest rates showed up as a debt crisis input and would crash if clicked.
  9. Japan added!
  10. Added earthquake and tsunami events
  11. Added back-button to the customise mission screen.
  12. Fixed crash when starting a game, then a 2nd game and hitting the electioneering button.
  13. Adjusted ministers and donors so they are more likely to be sympathetic to groups your party has made relatively happy. (depending on difficulty settings)
  14. Fixed rare crash bug when looking at the financial history of a policy.
  15. Accepting a coalition offer now refreshes the report window to remove the offer.
  16. Fixed bug where the game could get stuck with an uncloseable window on the electioneering / perceptions screen.
  17. Lots of small changes to make maxing out education values harder.
  18. Increased impact of unemployment on violent crime, crime and obesity.


  1. Accidental shooting event now more dependent on the level of violent crime.
  2. Missing translations now added.


  1. The ‘richest company pays no tax’ event now cannot trigger if corporation tax is not active.
  2. A whole bunch of events are now more, or less likely depending upon difficulty settings.
  3. Added lots of overrides so Japan’s religious group behaves like Shinto/Buddhist not christian.
  4. Fixed scroll left button on mission selector.
  5. Fixed display of perceptions and event changes so its more clearly +/- 50%.
  6. Added feature where the player gets quarterly warnings if voter perceptions of them are worryingly low.
  7. Balance changes that generally make it harder to reduce CO2 Emissions.
  8. Illegal Immigration crisis now reduces Global Liberalism and boosts Racial Tension.
  9. Nuclear Fusion and Fission spending now helps stimulate the Private Energy industry.
  10. Fixed bug where maximum value for starting debt for Japan caused an integer overrun and turned negative.
  11. Added UI render-scale slider to options screen to make text and UI bigger or smaller for high DPI screens.


  1. Fixed crash bug when selecting view policy after clicking on a media report in the next turn screen.


  1. National service now reduces unemployment.
  2. Banning coal now has vastly different impacts on GDP, CO2 Emissions and Oil Demand depending on the country.
  3. Support for new overrides that adjust political capital costs.
  4. Stem cells and Handgun laws now twice as easy to adjust in every country but USA.
  5. The impact of Debt Crisis on inflation and business confidence is now much worse at a high level of debt.
  6. Increased the impact of Multinational Tax Evasion on income from sales and corporation taxes.
  7. The player now gets reminded about poor voter perceptions less frequently.
  8. Coalition partners will now not make more than one policy change offer on the same policy, to stay consistent.
  9. Coalition offers that are accepted now correctly count towards voter accusations of policy reversals if you are inconsistent.
  10. Sliders now drawn red and locked, and cancel option grayed out when you have accepted a coalition offer this turn on a policy.
  11. Added 2 new policies: Ban tobacco and Ban alcohol, and presets for each country.
  12. Rebalanced events to make some more likely, some less likely.
  13. The points on the voter approval/voting intentions chart now show percentages as tooltips.(Thanks to Chantern15 for idea).
  14. Rebalanced some dilemmas, and situations. Pollution,Gig Economy & Tech advantage now have a higher trigger and stop level.
  15. Negative impacts of GDP now skewed more strongly at high values of GDP.
  16. It is easier to scroll up and down the load game list using the mousewheel now.

[1.35 (in development)]

  1. Difficulty slider now influences how frequently assasination attempts can be made.
  2. Fixed bug where the polls screen could not be loaded correctly by the ‘go back’ buttons.
  3. Changed the debt crisis icon so its more understandable.
  4. Difficulty slider now influences chances of a successful assassination attempt.
  5. Difficulty slider now influences the true success chance of a media spin event.
  6. Difficulty slider now influences the final chance of a minister resigning.
  7. South Korea now reverses surname and forename when both are shown.