changing cabinet ministers

Hi there,

quick rules question, I have been running a long game, been in office over 20 years now and over the years a few of my cabinet have quit and some were very low on political power, so i changed them and everyone elses scores dropped. Do they ever go back up to the original values again?

My max capital has dropped to 42 (started at 54) which means there are several policies i can now no longer ever enact, National Service for example as it takes a minimum of 50 to bring into play. Are those gone forever now?

If so that would suggest everyone would have to enact the really big expensive policies very early game and then be stuck with them forever???


by the way, is there anyway to see how long i have actually been in office?

Ministers generate capital, and they do so according to how happy they are, which translates into their loyalty. their loyalty will also inevitably fall over the long run as they become jaded with their lack of promotion :D. So what you need to do is pick those ministers with high political capital anyway (they all produce variable amounts) and ensure the voter groups they identify with are happy, that way their loyalty should stay up, and you should have the capital to implement those big changes.