Changing energy colors

Super ThunderHawk Main Cannon???
Gentlemen, please continue your amazing efforts to “go where no texture has gone before”. This stuff is new, shocking, and wonderful.
Mere words cannot convey just how much I want something that awesome on my ships.

@ Cen2050
Looks like you are going to have to release a mod for your Super ThunderHawk Main Cannon©

@ Archduke Astro
The credit for that graphic belongs to Cen2050, i just stuck it where it fits.
All the weapon graphic ideas so far have been his.

May I suggest (If you haven’t already) grab the “Cen2050 mod” and the “Cen2050 addon” it contains the early builds of these weapons. In theory this should keep you going until he puts his mod together. . No Pressure Cen2050 :slight_smile:

while I admit the fanfare over this mod is quite pleasing I CANNOT take all the credit…in fact I can’t take most of the credit.

Darkstar is the one that deserves the praise here. HE is the one that made the helix and lightning beam images. All I did was combine the images, in my first attempt at editing a graphic with Gimp, and it looks like we struck gold

Really all I contributed was the name and the luck that I not only combined the graphics, but that it came out as awesome as it did. So hats off to Darkstar for MAKING the images that I simply combined!

i only have one question…
why the hell didnt Cliff hire you yet?

most of this stuff should imho be just put ingame on the next patch if u ask me :smiley:

cen2050 how did you get the gimp plugin to work or where did you put the gimp plugin file

Thanks for the complement, i do not think that Cen nor I imagined that these early experiments in graphics would be so popular

@ Cen2005
Alright Cen, How bout we take equal credit then :slight_smile:

Anyways, i think we are going to have to put a mod together to use some of these graphics.
My suggestion is that we make a mod that gives the player some seige style / spinal mount weapons. (Basically new effects and turrets graphics)
Your thoughts sir ?

I LOVE the idea of colaborating on a mod together…Between your ability to make new and interesting graphics and my imaginative ways of combining them I think we could make something really impressive

to that end I have 4 graphics that I think are REALLY cool but I can’t compress them enough to post online, I’ll have to do it 1 at a time. (165 KB)

Send me an email to darkstar076 at hotmail dot com for the rest of the files
if we are working on a mod, we will be throwing files back n forth

Nice lightning effect BTW

here’s file 2 and 3…a note that ALL 4 of these have to be used in tandem with the SIM_Lightninggun module to get the proper animation. my last one even compressed is bigger than the 256k file limit will allow
lightning (249 KB)
lightning_green_double.rar (153 KB)

send the last one via emai then …
soooo to get the full effect you have to use all 4 at the same time ?

could you please gradually release a compilation of the new effects in a zip? so i could just throw it in the generic mod enabler as a single folder?
im sure you could upload it to fileshack or whatnot and it would even be more reliable as a backup :slight_smile:

also,if ure looking for better compression ratios,you might want to try UHARC (or WinUHA) or maybe 7zip

@ Darkstar
Thanks for the E-mail address…you can expect a response from Cen2050 with the files I couldn’t upload directly onto the site. I hope you enjoy what you see

also…feel free to adjust the colors as you see fit. You’ve obviously seen I have an affininty for greens, reds and blues (my favorite colors) almost to the point that I work with them exclusively.

I’m working on .txt mods for the images as well…and once that’s done I’ll send them too you

Yeap got it, reply inbound

While we have pretty well covered the topic of “changing energy colours”
I think we are going to make a new thread for the mod (once the forum stops hating you :wink:

Have a think about what kind of mod do you want to make.
I would cast my vote for a seige type weapons - for example, the Super Thunderhak Cannon

true enough my friend…thanks to you I’ve gone farther than I’ve ever dreamed with this game…I’ve done more than tweak colors, I’ve changed entire images and thanks to your remarkable assistance and generosity we are on our way to making a full blown mod for the game.

I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve given me over this past week and a half. I’ve learned so much and come farther than I though possible for my limited knowledge.

so until I can figure out why the fourm doesn’t want me to post things AND what to call the new thread we’ll be posting in I think I’ll be sticking to E-mail for the time being.