Changing Maps on Galactic Conquest Campaign

I received the email from cliffski this morning to say that GSB was now updated to 1.56 and that there was now 4 maps for the Campaign.

Having updated the game I go to Campaign but the left and right arrows either side of the map will not change it to another map?

Is it me or have I done something wrong?

I installed it to Steam/steamapps/common/gratuitous space battles rather than the suggested one as it’s wrong.

No, i dont think you have done something wrong - however i read somewhere in cliffskis blog that you have to downloaded the extra maps once its patched.

Hmm, i’m hoping the update to campaign works w/out updating to 1.57. Looks like i gotta wait for steam to roll out the update.

It would be nice if Cliff could figure out a way for people with the steam versions to update their copy of the game, manually

Any idea then when and from where these maps can be downloaded from?

From that link. Cliff gives instructions.

Yay \o/

Now I had already downloaded from that link and changed where the file was to install inside Steam and as I said it didn’t work.

But…I did it again (changed location correctly etc.), then went into my GSB folder in Steam and there was a rogue GSB folder with the campaign files inside.
A quick copy and paste and voila it all works as it should.

So thanks kemp as tbh I wouldn’t of retried again for a while.

I’m off to kick some alien butt. :smiley: