Changing race does nothing

I’m using the Mac version. My Mac OS is Maverick

So I unlock the Rebels. And select change race on the battle screen. No rebel ships types available. Go to build screen. No rebel hulls available. So what can I do?

So far I have three issues and have not even owned the game a day. My other ones is when I ordered the Gratuitous Space Battles - Deluxe Version from Red Marble then immediately ordered the campaign game I did not get emailed the serial number mailed to me so I can’t use it. Second issue is I can’t find where on Maverick the preferences files are kept so I can reset the game after playing through the demo version.

2 things, one the only ships you get prebuilt for you are the tutorial ships
two the build screen from the menu shows ALL hulls you can use, i find it more prudent to select my race then go into the first mission. then start building

if the problem goes deeper than that i can’t be of much help because i am a windows guy

Mac version doesn’t let you select a race at the stark until you unlock one.

that not what i meant. i’ll add pictures later today to describe my point, but i can’t right now because of school