Character Types

I’m probably going to drive you crazy here soon cliffski. LoL

Anyway, I was poking around all the files, as usual and I noticed there was a character type “Cool” along with the others.

In the strings.ini there is a section with all the character types as well.

CHARTYPE_CALM = "Calm. This person is relaxed and laid-back. Spending time in their company will relax you and reduce your stress."
CHARTYPE_CONFIDENT = "Confident. This person is confident and has strong belief in themself. Just spending time with a person like this will raise your own confidence."
CHARTYPE_ENTERTAINING = "Entertaining. This person is great fun to be around. You won't be bored while you spend time with them."
CHARTYPE_FRIENDLY = "Friendly. This person is a good friend. They are attentive and reliable, and spending time with them will stop you feeling lonely."
CHARTYPE_NEUTRAL = "This person has a neutral personality. There are no unusual effects from socialising with them."

What I was wondering about is that there isn’t one for the “cool” chartype. Is that going to cause an issue somewhere, sometime? Should there be a section for cool as well? By the way, just to be a stickler… haha. Themself is two words, like this: “them self” and socialising is “socializing”. Well, at least in American English, might be spelled correctly for you! Heh!

“Socialising” with an “s” is correct in British English. As for “them self,” I’ve NEVER seen that written as two words – “himself,” “herself,” and “ourselves” are all one word; why on earth would you expect “themself” to be two words? I suppose that “themself” isn’t really a recognized word, because the plural is “themselves,” but given that English has no neuter pronoun, progressive people have taken to using “they” and “them” for neuter singular pronouns and have coined the neuter “themself” to go with it. Yes, your spell checker will underline it, but this is how new words make it into the language – people see a need and adapt existing words or foreign words for their purposes.