Charged double for cleaning service?


I bought the game 2 days ago from Gamersgate. Final version 1.o4.

I played a few hours then got a crash when I needed to buy dogfood and did not have shopping option available. Clicking on the “buy dog food” post it note" crashed the game. OK that is fine I have not tried to see if that is replicated - buy plenty of dog food in advance now and do not see anyone else complaining of this so maybe a one off thing.

I have since played 2 full games without any crashes at all.

My problem with my last game is the salaries vs cleaning service. When I am in certain computer programmer salaries I seem to earn little money unless I cancel the cleaning service. Almost like I am getting charged double for it. As soon as I apply for another job- within the computer industry - even with a lesser salary- my money builds up again to a decent amount.
It was frustrating and cannot say for sure exactly what was doing this because at first I just got sick of getting about $5 extra per turn on a $30 salary - so I just changed jobs. It went normal again until I changed jobs again and same thing happened- this time I cancelled cleaning service and it seemed to be ok.
I never had this problem with doctors career getting charged 75% of my salary for cleaning service.
Bascially I just do not bother with it until I have bought everything I need to buy as it seems a bit glitchy with the computer programming jobs.

I recommend cleaning your own house. Maid is too expensive.

I could be mistaken, but I think his point was that the maid service was buggy, rather than expensive.

Yes Glinka thanks- it seems buggy.

If It happens again I guess I need to write down my starting money and what the exact amounts I earn and how much I end up after the turn to explain exactly what I mean. It took me so long to get to those programmer careers though so not sure if I can be bothered doing it again straight away.