I just can’t seem to figure out how to raise it. I think I’ve tried just about everything.


Visit your dentist.
There may be other ways, but the dentist works for sure.

Thanks!! Oh well, I was hoping for something I could control rather than a random event…like some whitening gum or something =)

That’s a good idea for a mod… add some gum for purchase!

Invite out charismatic friends, and/or charismatic friends of friends. Works well.

Also keep an eye out for the comedy evenings…

Indeed, as far as events go the Comedy evening and the Dentist are your best bet, then Charismatic friends. Both events give +10 charisma, but this degrades over time. The comedy night is only available on the sixth and seventh months in the game, on Saturday nights, so be sure to crank those out when you can!

And always remember that it’s alright to cycle through friends before you find ones who you mesh well with, and by mesh well I mean have the exact attributes you’re after :wink:

Wayno, all tired and shagged out from too much Monty Python

P.S. Nice cover of the spam there Cliffski :slight_smile:

Hmm…I was able to get my character on full Charisma somehow. Must have been her friends she was out with. Also, going to the dentist all the time.

I was really annoyed that my character had to go to the dentist every other week. Does this mean that if this happens again, I can skip several appointments and then the dentist option will still keep showing up if Charisma levels are high? I did have to skip an appt here and there when she had a class or her friends wanted to hang out. But I couldn’t understand why the dentist kept calling so much.

Another thing that annoyed me was that my character kept getting sick all the time. Even after she’d just recovered, she got sick immediately the next day. I figured out from reading online that it was because her Cleanliness was low. Is there a way to stop the dentist calling all the time? Or do they call because of high Charisma?

Just ignore this last question. I figured out that if you have high charisma and confidence, you can skip the dentist appointments. They do keep calling.