Charity Campaign for Marketing

Do you believe this is a decent feature?

  • Yes, this sounds great!
  • No, this doesn’t really appeal to me.

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Personally, I’m a proud Subaru owner and have owned the brand for over a decade now and do my own maintenance. One thing I like about Subaru specifically, is that they constantly are running donation events for where a percentage of your purchase goes towards a charity of your choosing.

My idea for porting this concept into the game would be a run as a marketing campaign. While it’s running, say you would loose a low percentage from the overall price of an individual sale, but that loss would equal a gain in your overall brand awareness to get more people into your showroom.

Since there are so many different charities out there, personally I’d leave it marked as just a ‘Charity Campaign’ instead of going into specifics.

As the forum allows for polling, I created a quick one to judge interest.