Charts - GSB2 Generic Weapons

Hopefully this will shed some light on balancing issues… letting the cat out of the bag…

Interesting stuff. Ta

You are not accounting for salvo weapons, although almost all of them are Kraugerisk-only. The stock cruiser pulse laser, for instance, doesn’t do a constant 40dps - it shoots in groupings of 6 with a large cooldown.

This is probably what’s screwing with the accuracy statistics.

Very interesting stuff.
You definitely need to take into account salvos, for the reason mentioned, but also consider ranges and relative power/crew/cost.
My aim for GSB2 is to have multiple tradeoffs. Sometimes it will be your decision to take the weapon that does the most damage, but other times, if you skimp on costs, you might squeeze in enough extra ships for the same money to make it worth taking ‘lesser’ weapons.

Also the best weapon in the universe is useless if the enemy has shields and you cannot penetrate them, or…they are moving too fast for you to hit them.

Nice stuff Alekan! Could you put it up on google docs or something?