Cheat file?

Hi, I bought Kudos today, and am having a blast with it.

I was rummaging around the data folder, and found a file called cheats.txt, and it’s empty.

Was this a testing file, are there cheats, or was it something planned for implementation that never made it?


its not traditional cheats, but you can put text in there that gives you skills at the start of a game. I dont want to ruin the game for you though…

Fair enough, I was just curious why it was there :slight_smile:


where do you find cheats, and if you have them is it possible to turn them off and on.

I think you need to add it to the files it loads…

Hi there Cliffski!

I’m not new to the game but I am new to this forum… I tried every single code to provide my character with some skills at the start of the game but I can’t seem to figure out the right one :cry:
I am usually not a big cheater, but unfortunately I bought the rotten yahoo version (ages ago…) and my game ends after 10 years… There isn’t enough time to do all the things I want to do anyway, and it would help me a great deal to start with some skills so I can spend more time e.g. socialising…

Could you pleeeeaaaase tell me the correct code to type in the cheat file?
Thanks a bunch in advance :smiley: