Cheat for getting into restaurants

Is there or can someone make a cheat for getting into the restaurants? I looked at the restaurant files but don’t know how to modify them.

Even when I have $10,000+ some restaurants will not let me in and give me the message of not having enough money.

And sometimes I get the message that it’s not about money, that I’m not chill enough or something like that. Can’t remember the actual word. My character has high Kudos and is described as cool. So how do you get into the elite restaurants?

You salary needs to be high enough to get into the Upper Class restaurants. I believe you also need a fairly high culture as well. They are quite snobbish at the high class places, after all.

If your job is a Food Critic, you can get into any restaurant at any time.

Now there’s a job I’ve never gone for. Perhaps I should become a Food Critic.

Wayno, uncertain if he’s talking about Kudos or not

P.S. The cash you have on hand is disregarded; it’s mainly based on your current income, and possibly culture