Cheat or ??

Hi in the demo you can go to the data and then modules and all other stuff and change lock from 1 to 0 in all locked items, i dont know if this is possible in the real game sins i dont have it. This make it possible to get all locked items for free! Is this some sort of cheat or is it just that you didn’t lock the text files? You could also modify all turrets and stuff to become bettre or worse.

You could do this. It’s not hard to unlock everything ‘the hard way’ though.

It’s intentional that the game is easy to modify.

If you make a proper mod (in seperate mod folder etc.), then when you post up your challenge only people that also have your mod will be able to play it

If you just modify the core game directly, then be aware that when you post up challenges with your modified stuff they won’t stay modified. So you’d probably have either posted illegal fleets (resulting in ships disappearing from your deployment when people try to play it) or bad ones (since the modules aren’t doing what you modded them to do.)

Does it also mean that its possible to patch the Demo with the content of the full version?

If so, Cliff should block that for his sake.

No, the code is physically different it would still be the demo :smiley:

Plus the real value of this game comes from the online challenges, not the single player missions… So ultimately it wouldn’t really matter much anyway :slight_smile: