Cheat Prob

Hey peeps,

I play the German version of Kudos an dI don’t understand how to get the money into the game, cuz I can’t find the file to put it into…
Could uz tell me where it is pls.
Oh yeah and an other question…can u be in luv?

Love y’allz keep smiling

yourz Little Miss Sunshine

I can’t speak, write nor understand German, so in english …
the program ( usually ) installs into C:\Program Files\Kudos ( C mostly being the default main drive )
Explore the Kudos folder and there should be \data. Within that folder find the file config.txt. Open it in Notepad, or similar but not Word, and find the line GV_STARTINGCASH = . Change the default number to what you want to start the game with.

Yeah :unamused: :laughing:

In the game too if you get asked to go on a date :exclamation: :open_mouth:

OK thx…I live in Germany but I’m british so… I know both :wink:

thx anyway