Cheat you´re ass off

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I have modded - all that I could - and packed it with winrar. This is a mod where everything cost´s 1 or 0 and I´m trying to find and change the inspiration.
But you can see for your self.

I will try to make a more ´´balanced´´ cheat, where the cheating won´t take the fun out of the game so fast, But that is of cause only if people want me to.
Just unrar into the simulation folder and overwrite the files, and as always rember to backup the folder before overwriting anything.

Made for version 1.16a.

Just write if you have any ideas for a fun and balanced cheat. :mrgreen:
The cheat pack Version 0.5 by Myst32.rar (28.9 KB)

How do you install this?? Erase your simulation folder and replace it with the files? Because i had alot of problems when doing that, it said a whole bunch of files were missing. Could you give a step by step? That would be much appreciated.

I will post some intrutions later today, because right now it´s late and I´m gonna be busy so just keep an eye out for my post.