cheating at practice

Is there any way to permanently edit the practice file?

I changed it, so all melodies would be 1111111 and so on. For easier practice. And it worked for a while.

But as soon as my band finally starts to take off, it changes back to the ridiculously hard ones, even though in the melodies.txt file its still all 1’s.

Is there any way to change this?

I changed the melodies file and made a dupe copy for when updates happen for the program. Did you update your program?

yeah but it happens even though the melody.txt file is still being cheated. Like after a while the practice goes back to being hard, but than i save and go look at the melody file, its still all 11111’s

So I dont understand how the practice can be anything but 1’s. You guys know what im trying to say?

any explanation for this, or bypass?

one instrument set seems to be hardcoded as of my experience

edit: looks like it is more than one instrument

I found a much easier way than modding the game. :smiley: Just have a pad of paper and pen handy and quickly jot down the number sequence as it’s played! Then you can easily play it back.